31 August, 2009

A larger view of Red Night

Mystery Artist - Red Night ©

Hi all. You guys requested a larger view of this art piece. That's the most I could get of it for now. It is one of my favorites done in my early years of painting.

Hope you like it!


30 August, 2009

A true Gift. another step outside of Canada

Benjamin Budd - Cat Ice ©

Born with the ability to grasp a pencil perfectly, the ability to follow the image of the heart seen in their unique forms, and the ability to apply the colors of the soul and embrace the birth of a new creation... Many may stand in amazement, but to the artist it is beauty, it is joy, it is life.
Ever wondered what would become of someone who had a great love for art and who's early encouragement came from two artists of his own kind, his mother a painter and pathologist, and his father a physiologist and potter?? I would definitely find myself into painting and molding of some sort, and that is exactly what Benjamin Budd so marvelously developed into.
Benjamin began drawing at the age of 6 and through parental encouragement, he advanced into forms of art including painting and metalworking and studied drawing at the University of Toledo in Ohio. He then began practicing watercolor painting and was a full time painter for the past few years. Inspired by the landscape, he like most artists became a lover of nature and enjoyed capturing its beauty in his work. Also inspired by the Wyeths’ legacy - of comparing the techniques and subject matters of grandfather, father and son, Benjamin “hopes to freshly capture that memorable glance we all experience, thus sealing it in time” with pieces of his own.

Benjamin Budd - Sterling Bracelets ©

After years of being a full time painter, he has returned to metalworking through which he exhibits early artistic designs along with modern day designs. He has a magnificent artistic focus and emphasis and according to him, “hopes to bring back an appreciation of the ancient techniques of gold and silver work, many of which have been lost in the annuls of time as man grew hungry for convenience.” Benjamin Bud is a stunning artist and His work really stands out! check out a few of his creations here - Benjamin Budd Fine Arts & Metalwork - I am sure there is a lot more about him than you think. Contact him yourself!

Thanks for the inspiration Benjamin! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

28 August, 2009

Rare Art Arena add


The Beauty of a Block.

Kim Hunter - Elle short for Seated in Elation©

Hello everyone! Today, I took some time looking a few art sculptures. It is truly a gift to be able to sit and look at a block of material, rock, or even just the pieces of scrap material that lay on the ground and be able to see something within that others may never notice. Others may see, but may never be able to create that image as it is seen in their minds.
I sat and wondered what really goes through the mind of an artist as they mold or chip their way into that masterpiece. No matter what people think, artists always take pride in their work and I know that is true about this artist .
Kim aka Indigo, is an artist of tremendous ability and magnificent in her use of vast artistry. Born in British Colombia, Indigo's talent spawned and began to flourish winning art competitions from the age of 7. Her skills continued to develop as she move on to various mediums.
Now skillful in the use of, watercolor, tempura, acrylic and clay& bronze sculpture, and many others, This artist is truly fascinating!
I really love her art sculptures. I know you will too. Check out her work here -Kim Hunter Artist & Designer - You will be amazed by the variety of work she produces.

This artist is truly an inspiration!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

26 August, 2009

Express yourself!!

Mystery Artist -Red night©

During my early years of painting, I mainly experimented with watercolor. I then moved on to acrylic paint which I honestly fell in love with from that moment. I only spent one afternoon with an artist who taught me the basics of using this medium and from there, I spent time on my own developing my acrylic painting skills. It didn't take long before I reached a satisfactory level in the use of complimentary colors, but, through observing other artist as they work, it is obvious that the use of it varies depending on the imagination of the artist. For me, the use of complimentary colors depends mostly on the type of work I want to produce, the detailing and reality of the work, the tone and where I want the attention of the observer to be drawn to.
I do believe, however, that the sky is the limit to the improvement of an artist. Experience keeps teaching and showing you new ways to express yourself and that is one of the beauties of art. Go on! Express yourself!!
Here is an art piece I produce about a month after I started experimenting with acrylics. That was a few years ago so, I have improved a lot more. Hope you all like it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

25 August, 2009

Floral beauty!! and "Come buy and take away my garbage!"

Alfred Ng - passion flower from Starbucks coffee cups©

I love it when I hear people talking about recycling and reusing materials. One thing I realized is that, a large number of these people fall under the artist category. Artist somehow are known for seeing the beauty in the trash of life, things that the everyday person may never notice. The artist I met today has a unique touch for bringing out the beauty of our garbage. Look at what he did with it - Here -. Alfred Ng is a full time painter originally from Hong Kong, but he now resides in Toronto Canada. He paints mainly in watercolor and eventually developed a love for photography because according to him, in Toronto, there were a lot of images that fascinated him. Images like, "architecture, flower, nature, life, garden, weather and life in Toronto."

Alfred Ng - White Irises©

Looking at the work of this artist, It is obvious that he has a distinct love for floral beauty. I am really baffled by the detailing of his art, and the way the way the coloring of his creation tends to mesmerize the observer. It sets a form of peace in the minds of those who looks at his work. Be it Orchids, Irises, Lilies, Tulips or any other flower, this artist, in whatever means, brings out the true beauty of the flowers. I strongly recommend that you have a look at his work. You can visit his website here -Alfred Ng Painting, Photography - I know you will be fascinated by it.

Thanks for the inspiration Alfred!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

24 August, 2009

A bit of Canadian Art History

Flickr user Fanny
Unicorn design on the Canadian parliament buildings

Exploring Canadian history and culture has truly been interesting. Their art is of course, a notable aspect of their history and culture. It is remarkable to see how Canadian art has changed and developed over the years.
Like many other areas in the "New World", Canadian art began with the indigenous people. Although not much is recorded of them or their artwork, these early people, or aboriginals, as they are called in Canada, did express themselves through wall carvings and paintings, sculptures and body paintings. Basket making, as well as the production of dream catchers have also originated from the aboriginals. Throughout the generations these forms of art have been kept alive by descendants and have developed quite nicely -
Free Spirit Gallery-.
As the story goes, the indigenous were invaded by the Europeans in the late 15th century. The vast land of Canada served as both English and French colonies, and so European influence, paricularly that of the French and English, could be noted in Canadian art over the centuries. Quite contrary to most modern-day Canadian art, much of 15th century Canadian paintings reflected European life. Such art remained popular up until the 19th century when it began to die out. During this period, many portraits of significant European figures were of course painted in Canada, such as that of the monarchy of European nations, specifically England and France.
With an increase in the amount immigrants from nations all over the world over the course of time, Canadian culture has been built up by the meshing of several different cultures. The realm of art in Canada has increased its borders greatly and there is no limit to what may inspire a Canadian artist - be it the natives, European culture, Canadian lifestyle or just simply nature.

22 August, 2009

Magnificent Jewelry!!

Pegg - Caramel Toffee Swirl .. Glass, Pearl and Copper Necklace©

Lets travel to Terrace Bay ON Canada. On my search here, I found an artisan who crafts some magnificent jewelery. Meet the artist Pegg, a self employed artisan who creations are splendid. It is said that early Artisan began around 7000 BC, when gold and copper began to be sculpted to take on the form of human beings and this practice remained and developed into many different forms. Hand made artisan jewelry is loved for its uniqueness, large variety, and captivating beauty. The wonderful thing about the artisans is that, their talents are somehow reflected onto the wearer, There are many jewelery artisans in the world but Pegg sure is wonderful at what she do. I really like the way she uses a simple goblet to bring out the beauty of her work. Take a look at some of her creations here - Peggs Jewelery - They are a beauty!!

I am really inspired by your work Pegg. Thanks!!

20 August, 2009

Nova Silbaugh, art genius

Female Nude In Red©

I took a jump out of Canada for a moment and took some time browsing through my twitter friends. There, I found an artist with some lovely art pieces. Fine! breathtaking! Such tone of valor.
This artist now resides in Santa Cruz Ca.
I fell in love with her artwork as soon as my eyes fell on them. I'm convinced They will do the same to you. Step into the Gallery -Nova Silbaugh's Art . Art lovers, the world is a vast place, but, Nova Silbaugh is truly an art genius.

Who will be my next inspiration?? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A Sassy Creation!!

Jessica Doyle - Sassy Sea Urchin©

Hi all!! guess what! I followed a path all the way to Saint John, NB, Canada. There, I found an artist whose work of art is quite captivating. This highly talented artist states "Drawing, painting and writing feel good to me. I don’t seem to remember a time when I wasn’t creating something, anything for that matter." Her creations really backs up this statement. Art must have been in running through her veins from the day Jessica Doyle was given life.
Her use of coloration is quite unique. Just the organization really brings out the beauty of her work. Blessed with a fantastic imagination which she produces art which she describes as "whimsically detailed and painstakingly created." Her work can be seen here - Art & Musings -
One of Jessica's creations has recently won in 'The Most Wall Worthy Art' contest on Etsy. The digitally colored Sassy Sea Urchin captured first place in this contest, I am sure you will agree that it was really is the most wall worthy art.
This artist has really inspired me on my art searching journey. Many thanks to you Jessica!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

19 August, 2009

Studio DavAnn, Truly Impressive!!

Studio DavAnn - Twilight Paddle©


Hi everyone! Wondering where my search has taken me today?? My extensive search has taking me to a true place of artistic comfort and creativity. An art studio situated in Laurentian Mountain Playground of Quebec Canada. There, you will meet two extremely interesting artist who has in such a crafty manner, integrated recycling materials into their intriguing works art.
The self taught artists David Reeve aka Eso and Anne Ouelette aka Amyly are the creators of this studio filled with impressive art. Just a look at their work gives you a sense of the warm and welcoming atmosphere. What really caught my attention was one of the the materials used in some of their creations. Amyly is fond of utilizing fabric in her work and it does add a great deal of texture to her art. According to her and I totally agree, "fabric an their creation is an elevated art form in itself. It is a loss of beauty and creation to just throw them away." Eso works with a variety of material which include Oils, acrylics and sculpture and carpentry. Together, they make a great team. Im sure you will agree with me. Take my advice. Visit their studio here - Studio DavAnn - I am certain you will be impressesd also.

Thanks for the Inspiration Amyly and Eso!!


16 August, 2009

Another jump out of Canada!!

SecretArtist - self portrait from "The big picture exhibition"

Hey y'all. Guess who was next to be featured on my blog. Its the "Secret Artist" nowadays in Tel-Aviv Israel but who usually relocates for projects.
His work is fascinating. I know you will agree with me. Take a look at his spectacular talent in photography.
He sure is Gifted!! and according to him, "you are too."
He insist that the best way to View and Understand his work (and he does bunch of stuff...) is through his collections on flickr.
Common, check it out here - Gifted's Photostream - It is amazing.
Thanks for the inspiration Gifted, love your work. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Truly a "Mystical Moment "

Debbie Lund- Mystical Moment

Hey all, Guess what!! I just found a new inspiration. Canada's Got Talent. The artist I stumbled on through my observation has a love for horses. A lot of her artwork capture horses and the environment at their spectacular moments. Her work is extremely beautiful. Debbie Lund is great at what she does. Take a look at Debbie Lund's art - Debbie Lund- truly amazing!!
While reading through her biography, one thing really caught my attention. She stated "I am so very excited about the journey of where my art will take me tomorrow. It is the joy of becoming the person who I am today." I also believe that our art do take each of us on a journey. We all just need to embrace it. The only difference between us is that, she also states a goal in the art realm "Now I am pursuing my life-long dream of becoming an equestrian and portrait artist." However, my goal has not yet been set.
Wish I could stop there but I have a lot more searching to do. Thanks for the inspiration Debbie

Life is unpredictable

Life is unpredictable. Who knows what goes on in the minds of every individual on a daily basis? I believe that there is a supreme being who does. Yup, I believe in the great creator, God. He has so uniquely designed everyone into an art piece that surpasses all other artwork around the universe.
The human body is the greatest work of art ever, and its artist is far above supremacy. People try to imitate, but will never succeed. He has been my inspiration from the start and will always be.
Today, I decide to take a rest from my expedition. Well I will do some searching but not to the extent that I did yesterday or day before. Today I just decide to relax and think about life. Think about the people that are near to my heart, and people who consider me to be their enemy. Oppressors are an encouragement if you really think about it. Sometimes they may be real strong but, as long as you endure and ride over the negative force, you become a better person; stronger, smarter and much more eager to accomplish your goal.
Sometimes I get discouraged. Real discouraged but I want to give flowers to someone along with God who is always by my side whenever I am down. My warmth through the cold, my shelter through the storm, my constant comfort, my baby. The most beautiful girl in the world.
Thanks for being there for me. Love You always!!
Well i am off to do some thinking now. hope your having fun. later! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

15 August, 2009

Canada is beautiful

Lake Moraine Pristine Lake Banff, Canada

I'm here again. Ready to do some more art hunting. I am rather tired today tho. The present weather keeps whispering 'Stay in bed'. I actually feel extremely lazy. I did have a hearty breakfast, the fuel I need for the day but I think I will let it contribute to my body fat.
I love rainy days but, I rather the sunny days. I get a lot more stuff done on these days. Been wondering what my next art project is going to be. Probably some wildlife art piece, or some abstract political painting. Who knows? I will figure that out by the end of the day hopefully. Maybe I might just attach a pic to one of my posts.
Today I intend to dig a little into Canadian culture and History. Just want to have a little insight of how this country developed, its past and so on. I took some time looking at some photos of this country. Canada is beautiful. I'm not sure if I am comfortable with the temperature tho. That is definitely not what I'm used to. Take a look at the pictures yourself -Canadian Photos - You might like them.
Anyway, I wonder whose artwork will show up on my blog today... Might just be yours. Keep on visiting. You may be my future inspirational artist. Bye! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

14 August, 2009

I am in Canada!!

Gil Menzies - Fishing the Shallows

I am sure that each one of you has a love for nature. Some the animals, some the vegetation, some are just fascinated with the sweet aroma and melodies of the natural environment. Well upon my search through Canada, I stumbled upon an artist who has a very distinct love for nature. His name is Gil Menzies.
I fell in love with his artwork the moment I saw them. You can visit his website. Click here - Gil Menzies Art -
This artist uses mainly Pencil – varying thicknesses and hardness and sometimes uses charcoal in some of his drawings. I admire his work for the way He captures the extreme detail of the environment. Not only that but the process he undertakes in producing his art is rather unique. Wondering what I am talking about?? Check it out for yourself.
In my opinion, Gil is a real Canadian Wildlife Art Specialist. I know you will love His work.
Well, I can't make my decision based on the work and talent of one artist. I have a lot of exploring to do. I'm off to do what I do best. Keep looking. I attached one of Gil's artwork to this post. Come on, check him out. See ya!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Silent Morning or Not

Hello everyone!! I find it very quiet this morning.... I should not have been so hasty to say that. One of my neighbors, for some strange reason, decided to turn up his music. Disturbing the peace?? Not really because I'm used to it. I live in a community where the people of the neighborhood are extremely friendly. Well most of them I should say. If you are wondering what country I'm in presently, then there is one hint on this blog. Good luck with figuring it out.
I live close to the vast and very beautiful sea ... not ocean . That is one of the places that I receive my inspiration. Yup, the world sure is beautiful when man's interference is eliminated. "EARTH SONG" inspiration from the legendary POP KING MICHEAL JACKSON. We all have our part to play in the destruction of its beauty. Well enough of this for now.
If you are wondering what I intend on doing for the morning, then let me tell you. I just created a TWITTER account. Now you guys can get a hint of what I'm up to daily. Hope you all will keep following. Invite your friends to follow also. Like I said, I need your support. Thanks in advance.
Anyway, I think I am going to spend the rest of the morning looking for people to follow along in the Twitter line. Remember, you never know what will be the next achievement so visit anytime. I will keep posting. Later all!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

13 August, 2009

Sunset on Day One

Well the day has ended and I've searched and brainstormed my entire afternoon. The most challenging aspect of the day was deciding where I would begin my search. Yup. that was really challenging. I wanted to choose a location that could capture my interest immediately as well as providing a starting line for a route that could be followed quite easily.
At first I thought of China. They have some really
neat art forms in china. I love the dragon art, the landscape features, and MARTIAL ARTS. Well enough of the China for now.
The second location I thought of was Australia. I thought of it mainly because of where it is situated. Honestly, I have no idea what forms of art originated from Australia. Well I know it is going to be interesting when I finally find out what artistic skills this country contains. I think you will also.
At the end of my brainstorming, I finally decided on beginning my quest in the lovely and ever popular continent, North America in the Country ... Canada ... You all may be wondering why! I'm going to be honest once again and let you know that I only chose to begin at this location because in my opinion, its a good starting line for my journey.
With this finally out of the way I can prepare myself mentally for the next step. I'm now sitting in front of my laptop once again having a thirst for something artistic. started browsing through my pictures. One Captured my mood though. Hope you like it.
Anxious about my next achievement. Feel free to stop by and find out how i am coming along. thanks for reading. I'm out. Bye. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Expedition Begins

Hey y'all!! My search begins today. Ive planned to travel around the world to feed my artistic mind and finally decide which artistic trend I am going to stick to. In other words, which one of many forms of art I am going to make my focus, my choice, my life.
I have a feeling that its going to be crazy, wild and adventurous, that's why I'm going to have a lot of fun doing it. I you are wondering who I am then... My name is... You know what, I'm going to keep that a secret till Iv made my decision. Just stick around, check on my blog daily, I MIGHT JUST GIVE YOU A HINT :-P
I invite you all along with me on this journey. I think I need your support. In my depressing time, pick me up. In the happy time, rejoice with me. Well id like to sit down and chat still but I need to gather my hiking an other exploration gadgets. You never know what we might fall into along the way ( ON THE INTERNET L O L!!). anyway, I got my soda and my bag of food next to me so Im going to start Googleing my life away. Hope you enjoy my daily discoveries. see you soon!! Later! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

12 August, 2009

Art is life

Art is a feeling, an emotion, a ray
a setting, a smile, a touch through the day
a figure a frown a sense of dismay
art is an obsession ones inner display

Art is a motion, a vision afloat
impresses oppression the circle, a note
an arrangement so eager response vast
its all in the mind the seconds that last

So simple the lines, the tone the voice
so alike the maker, his work, the choice
Fear, Joy, or whatever it is
the creations expressions the offspring he leaves

Just listen within take time to observe
it flows in your breath, your strength, your nerve
the form you contain, embrace it, your wife
it was here all along, comforts, art is life ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Welcome Again Everyone

This is the blog of an artist on a wild expedition.I am in search of the different forms of art around the world. My reason is to finally decide which one of the many forms of art I will make my life. Come along with me as i add new post throughout the days of my expedition and view my achievements. Its going to be long and hard but your support will keep me on that path as I keep you entertained . Hope you enjoy!! have fun!! You can view my achievements in order of dates by selecting the dates on the sidebar under the heading - Blog achievements. Thanks for your viewing support.

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11 August, 2009

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