28 April, 2010

Droplet art

Photo: flickr user Gil Searcy

Hi all. Ever wondered why water seems to have such a calming and soothing quality? Sometimes, I take a short walk to the beach or river just to sit and listen to the sound of the waves as they constantly rush unto the shore or the sound of the stream as it runs between the rocks. Inspirational places to be.
Anyway, I stumbled upon an artist who really has a way with water and creates masterpieces using water droplets - Martin Waugh who lives in Portland
He uses high-speed photography to capture the beautiful shapes of liquid, a lot of which are whimsical in shape.
These images are sure to capture your attention as he uses a variety in size, speed, color and position of drops, and also the viscosity, and surface tension.

One of my favorites can be seen Here
Hope you enjoy the droplets LOL! take care.


April is Almost Done...But Not Yet

Photo compliments: flickr.com

Hi Everyone,

April is already coming to an end and I just realized that I overlooked some things completely. The month of April was marked Alcohol Awareness Month, National Autism Awareness Month, National Occupational Therapy Month and National Parkinson's Awareness Month. I think we all need to have some awareness and concern of these things because we are or may be someday in one way or another affected by alcoholism and/or these diseases. I just wanted to share some links with you concerning each of these.

Alcohol Awareness Month is an opportunity to raise the awareness of alcohol abuse and encourage people to make healthy, safe choices. You can have a look at these links: Facts About Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse, How to Fight Against Alcohol Addictions.

National Autism Awareness Month seeks to highlight the growing need for concern and awareness for autism. National Autism Awareness month has been initiated and recognized by the Autism Society since the 1970's. Here are a few links: The Autism Society, Autism.

Occupational Therapy is therapy based on performing the meaningful activities of daily life (self-care skills, education, work, or social interaction), especially to enable or enhance participation in such activities despite impairments or limitations in physical or mental functioning. Take a look at this website: Occupational Therapy.

National Parkinson's Awareness Month aims at the development of concern and awareness for Parkinson's Disease. Feel free to visit this website: parkinson.org ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

14 April, 2010

Rested and Ready to Move On

Hey Everyone,

I'm finally ready to continue the journey of how Literature has developed over the years. Yes, I did remember that I had started a journey. Well, after a long break, I'm refreshed and ready to dig back deep in the past and see what exactly transpired. I will of course be continuing where I left off - Sumerian Literature :-D. And, of course, there is a poem about continuing a journey ;-D... I hope you all like it.

The Journey Continued

Sat down at the river
For a minute or two
I was disoriented
Was lost and confused
Needed some refreshment
Some inspiration too

Got all I needed at the river
I was soothed from deep within
Everything all seemed clear now
A journey to start again...


13 April, 2010

Crafty with leaves

012 014

Hi all!
I found this artist who really inspires me. Kazuo Akasaki. He really added to the way art was seen and explored the possibilities by including this natural element in his work. This artist Instead of using paint, creates an image by using leaves.
It is known that during the early years of his career as an artist, despite facing different financial problems, worked on his art while his family supported him. He was awarded the “Salon de Paris” at the 1986 Fine-arts Paris Exhibition of Japan.
It was after this that his art career began to be a success. He then opened a school to teach his techniques and also wrote books on his art form. He work is constructed of leaves only without the use of artificial colors.

here area few of his art pieces.

007 006 011

010 015 001

004 005 003

002 013

009 008 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

04 April, 2010

Just Some Poetry

Photo Compliments: flickr.com

Hey everyone,

Recently I found out that a friend of mine had a great talent - writing poetry. Well, I have posted poems from quite a few different poets and I think that his would be a great addition to the group. Well, here goes. I hope you guys like this.


What are tears?
Are they a symbol of grief,
The sadness of that the hearts release,
In times of struggle & stress; does our body seek,
A way of comfort; a way to find peace.

As simple as it may seem to be,
It's often that you will see,
A river of tears down the cheeks,
With a smile as broad as the sea,
Of someone very, very happy.

Feelings of sadness; and cheer,
But can we stop there?
It's known that a waterfall of tears,
Can come from someone crying in fear,
That feeling of despair,
Whimpers; panic; terrifying screams fill the air.

It's so easy to cry when you're scared.

Tears may fall; when facing a beautiful ocean,
Tears may fall; when the spirit fills you during devotion
I could go on and on
But I think we all get the motion
Tears are our way of showing; pure emotion.
Dwayne Bellot

Well, I'm off for now!
Tunsie ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

03 April, 2010

The Evolution of Calypso

Hey guys,

This is the continuation of he first calypso post. I'm so sorry for taking so long to complete it. Anyway there it goes.

Calypso has earned its place in history as the national folk song of Trinidad and Tobago and the music of the Caribbean after the emancipation of the slaves. However, even before emancipation there is evidence that the art form had begun its growth. It is suggested that West African Tribal songs were precursor to calypso and that calypso had its roots in the West African custom of griot court singing. The griots usually sang songs of praise and derision and were story tellers. It is said that calypso contains characteristics of these West African songs including:
  • Percussion Rhythmic Beats
  • Call and Response Pattern
  • Extemporaneous Singing
  • Satire
It is believed that these songs were introduced during the French settlement of the island of Trinidad. Gros Jean, an African slave, is reputed to have been the first calypsonian. In the early days, the songs were sung in patois, in the ex-tempo genre and usually involved colourful and aggressive language. There was also trading of insults among performers, a form called 'mepris', that later developed into the war calypsos.

Over the last century, calypso has spread throughout the Caribbean and around the world. The year 1914 was a milestone in the history of this great indigenous musical art form. This was the year that the first calypso recording was made by the Vincent Gramophone Company of New York. By the Second World War, the presence of the American service men in Trinidad and Tobago ensured that calypso was propelled even further into the international arena. It was also during this period that the first recording studios were established in Trinidad.

The late 1920's saw the rise of the first calypso tents. At that time, bamboo structures and tents were used as the venue for calyopsonians to practice and perform during the Carnival season. (Today, calypso tents are housed in more permanent structures and showcase the new music of the Carnival season.) By the next decade, the giants of calypso had begun their reign. Names such as Atilla the Hun, Lord Invader and Roaring Lion stood out, but there were many others who were also making an unforgettable contribution to calypso music. Aldwin Roberts, the Lord Kitchener proved to be one of the most prolific bards ever. He produced hundreds of calypsos from the 1940's until his death in 2001. 1956 saw the advent of the Mighty Sparrow with the now infamous and popular hit song Jean and Dinah. He followed this with many other memorable songs including Pay as You Earn, Federation, Ten to One is Murder, Mae Mae and Dan is the Man. He continues to record today.

The last thirty-five years has seen several changes in the calypso industry. Attempts have been made to encourage yearlong interest in calypso music by staging concerts outside of the carnival season, however, this has not always been successful. Consequently, many artists tour extensively, participating in the various carnivals around the world. The art form itself has changed, spawning subgroups such as soca, rapso, chutney soca and ragga soca. This blending of various rhythms has attracted a wider audience to the genre.

Today, some of the commentators suggest that the traditional form of calypso is dying, while others claim that it is simply evolving. Carnival historian, Errol Hill, believes that calypso has remained current and popular on the local scene, constantly changing to meet the needs of the population. He says that this is probably because that every season every calypso must offer at least two new songs. This relentless demand for new music keeps the songs topical and relevant but also places a great deal of pressure on the artist to provide quality material.

Here is one of the Mighty Sparrow's Calypsos

Here is an example of soca music which evolved from calypso

I'm off now
Tunsie ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

April has Finally Begun

Hey everyone,

Just dropping by. April is finally here and I'm not sure why but I am very excited. Well, I remember that as a child I looked forward for April 1st to come, April Fools' Day. I am no longer excited now that I'm older but April 1st is still a wonderful day where everyone can by lighthearted, make jokes, just laugh around. I even remember a catchy little poem everyone used to say:

April Fools
Go to school
Tell your teacher she's a fool
If she beats you do not cry
Just take your bag and say goodbye

Well, I'm not sure if any student ever dared do that.

Anyway, I took some time on April Fools looking for where and how this day originated and several stories came up. You can have a look at them here.

Well, there's still much to be done so I guess I'm off
I hope that we are all already having a wonderful April ;)

Tunsie ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------