14 April, 2010

Rested and Ready to Move On

Hey Everyone,

I'm finally ready to continue the journey of how Literature has developed over the years. Yes, I did remember that I had started a journey. Well, after a long break, I'm refreshed and ready to dig back deep in the past and see what exactly transpired. I will of course be continuing where I left off - Sumerian Literature :-D. And, of course, there is a poem about continuing a journey ;-D... I hope you all like it.

The Journey Continued

Sat down at the river
For a minute or two
I was disoriented
Was lost and confused
Needed some refreshment
Some inspiration too

Got all I needed at the river
I was soothed from deep within
Everything all seemed clear now
A journey to start again...



  1. That's a great little poem. I need to go sit down by a river, myself.

  2. heh heh down by the river huh.... inspiration is always best when it's from.....deep within... lol
    love the poem. i should ask u for tips