28 April, 2010

Droplet art

Photo: flickr user Gil Searcy

Hi all. Ever wondered why water seems to have such a calming and soothing quality? Sometimes, I take a short walk to the beach or river just to sit and listen to the sound of the waves as they constantly rush unto the shore or the sound of the stream as it runs between the rocks. Inspirational places to be.
Anyway, I stumbled upon an artist who really has a way with water and creates masterpieces using water droplets - Martin Waugh who lives in Portland
He uses high-speed photography to capture the beautiful shapes of liquid, a lot of which are whimsical in shape.
These images are sure to capture your attention as he uses a variety in size, speed, color and position of drops, and also the viscosity, and surface tension.

One of my favorites can be seen Here
Hope you enjoy the droplets LOL! take care.


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  1. Thanks for sharing ! Really nice water art. I wish I could have such camera ...