03 April, 2010

April has Finally Begun

Hey everyone,

Just dropping by. April is finally here and I'm not sure why but I am very excited. Well, I remember that as a child I looked forward for April 1st to come, April Fools' Day. I am no longer excited now that I'm older but April 1st is still a wonderful day where everyone can by lighthearted, make jokes, just laugh around. I even remember a catchy little poem everyone used to say:

April Fools
Go to school
Tell your teacher she's a fool
If she beats you do not cry
Just take your bag and say goodbye

Well, I'm not sure if any student ever dared do that.

Anyway, I took some time on April Fools looking for where and how this day originated and several stories came up. You can have a look at them here.

Well, there's still much to be done so I guess I'm off
I hope that we are all already having a wonderful April ;)

Tunsie ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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