04 April, 2010

Just Some Poetry

Photo Compliments: flickr.com

Hey everyone,

Recently I found out that a friend of mine had a great talent - writing poetry. Well, I have posted poems from quite a few different poets and I think that his would be a great addition to the group. Well, here goes. I hope you guys like this.


What are tears?
Are they a symbol of grief,
The sadness of that the hearts release,
In times of struggle & stress; does our body seek,
A way of comfort; a way to find peace.

As simple as it may seem to be,
It's often that you will see,
A river of tears down the cheeks,
With a smile as broad as the sea,
Of someone very, very happy.

Feelings of sadness; and cheer,
But can we stop there?
It's known that a waterfall of tears,
Can come from someone crying in fear,
That feeling of despair,
Whimpers; panic; terrifying screams fill the air.

It's so easy to cry when you're scared.

Tears may fall; when facing a beautiful ocean,
Tears may fall; when the spirit fills you during devotion
I could go on and on
But I think we all get the motion
Tears are our way of showing; pure emotion.
Dwayne Bellot

Well, I'm off for now!
Tunsie ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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