20 August, 2009

Nova Silbaugh, art genius

Female Nude In Red©

I took a jump out of Canada for a moment and took some time browsing through my twitter friends. There, I found an artist with some lovely art pieces. Fine! breathtaking! Such tone of valor.
This artist now resides in Santa Cruz Ca.
I fell in love with her artwork as soon as my eyes fell on them. I'm convinced They will do the same to you. Step into the Gallery -Nova Silbaugh's Art . Art lovers, the world is a vast place, but, Nova Silbaugh is truly an art genius.

Who will be my next inspiration?? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1 comment:

  1. I am drawn to the movement and color in Nova's paintings as well as her unique perspective. As I study her artwork I get lost in the story. We'll see Nova's popularity gain momentum more everyday. I just hope I can be one of the first to get my hands on an original.