28 August, 2009

The Beauty of a Block.

Kim Hunter - Elle short for Seated in Elation©

Hello everyone! Today, I took some time looking a few art sculptures. It is truly a gift to be able to sit and look at a block of material, rock, or even just the pieces of scrap material that lay on the ground and be able to see something within that others may never notice. Others may see, but may never be able to create that image as it is seen in their minds.
I sat and wondered what really goes through the mind of an artist as they mold or chip their way into that masterpiece. No matter what people think, artists always take pride in their work and I know that is true about this artist .
Kim aka Indigo, is an artist of tremendous ability and magnificent in her use of vast artistry. Born in British Colombia, Indigo's talent spawned and began to flourish winning art competitions from the age of 7. Her skills continued to develop as she move on to various mediums.
Now skillful in the use of, watercolor, tempura, acrylic and clay& bronze sculpture, and many others, This artist is truly fascinating!
I really love her art sculptures. I know you will too. Check out her work here -Kim Hunter Artist & Designer - You will be amazed by the variety of work she produces.

This artist is truly an inspiration!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Great article! We check daily to see what's new. We checked out her awesome website, truly amazing! Thanks for keeping us tuned in.


  2. Thanks a lot Eso. You have a great blog to just visited it.