26 August, 2009

Express yourself!!

Mystery Artist -Red night©

During my early years of painting, I mainly experimented with watercolor. I then moved on to acrylic paint which I honestly fell in love with from that moment. I only spent one afternoon with an artist who taught me the basics of using this medium and from there, I spent time on my own developing my acrylic painting skills. It didn't take long before I reached a satisfactory level in the use of complimentary colors, but, through observing other artist as they work, it is obvious that the use of it varies depending on the imagination of the artist. For me, the use of complimentary colors depends mostly on the type of work I want to produce, the detailing and reality of the work, the tone and where I want the attention of the observer to be drawn to.
I do believe, however, that the sky is the limit to the improvement of an artist. Experience keeps teaching and showing you new ways to express yourself and that is one of the beauties of art. Go on! Express yourself!!
Here is an art piece I produce about a month after I started experimenting with acrylics. That was a few years ago so, I have improved a lot more. Hope you all like it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Love the hues of the sky....great job!!!!

  2. Nice! We would love to see a larger view of this piece?

  3. Thanks guys! I will try to get a larger view sometime soon.