25 August, 2009

Floral beauty!! and "Come buy and take away my garbage!"

Alfred Ng - passion flower from Starbucks coffee cups©

I love it when I hear people talking about recycling and reusing materials. One thing I realized is that, a large number of these people fall under the artist category. Artist somehow are known for seeing the beauty in the trash of life, things that the everyday person may never notice. The artist I met today has a unique touch for bringing out the beauty of our garbage. Look at what he did with it - Here -. Alfred Ng is a full time painter originally from Hong Kong, but he now resides in Toronto Canada. He paints mainly in watercolor and eventually developed a love for photography because according to him, in Toronto, there were a lot of images that fascinated him. Images like, "architecture, flower, nature, life, garden, weather and life in Toronto."

Alfred Ng - White Irises©

Looking at the work of this artist, It is obvious that he has a distinct love for floral beauty. I am really baffled by the detailing of his art, and the way the way the coloring of his creation tends to mesmerize the observer. It sets a form of peace in the minds of those who looks at his work. Be it Orchids, Irises, Lilies, Tulips or any other flower, this artist, in whatever means, brings out the true beauty of the flowers. I strongly recommend that you have a look at his work. You can visit his website here -Alfred Ng Painting, Photography - I know you will be fascinated by it.

Thanks for the inspiration Alfred!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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