14 August, 2009

I am in Canada!!

Gil Menzies - Fishing the Shallows

I am sure that each one of you has a love for nature. Some the animals, some the vegetation, some are just fascinated with the sweet aroma and melodies of the natural environment. Well upon my search through Canada, I stumbled upon an artist who has a very distinct love for nature. His name is Gil Menzies.
I fell in love with his artwork the moment I saw them. You can visit his website. Click here - Gil Menzies Art -
This artist uses mainly Pencil – varying thicknesses and hardness and sometimes uses charcoal in some of his drawings. I admire his work for the way He captures the extreme detail of the environment. Not only that but the process he undertakes in producing his art is rather unique. Wondering what I am talking about?? Check it out for yourself.
In my opinion, Gil is a real Canadian Wildlife Art Specialist. I know you will love His work.
Well, I can't make my decision based on the work and talent of one artist. I have a lot of exploring to do. I'm off to do what I do best. Keep looking. I attached one of Gil's artwork to this post. Come on, check him out. See ya!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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