14 August, 2009

Silent Morning or Not

Hello everyone!! I find it very quiet this morning.... I should not have been so hasty to say that. One of my neighbors, for some strange reason, decided to turn up his music. Disturbing the peace?? Not really because I'm used to it. I live in a community where the people of the neighborhood are extremely friendly. Well most of them I should say. If you are wondering what country I'm in presently, then there is one hint on this blog. Good luck with figuring it out.
I live close to the vast and very beautiful sea ... not ocean . That is one of the places that I receive my inspiration. Yup, the world sure is beautiful when man's interference is eliminated. "EARTH SONG" inspiration from the legendary POP KING MICHEAL JACKSON. We all have our part to play in the destruction of its beauty. Well enough of this for now.
If you are wondering what I intend on doing for the morning, then let me tell you. I just created a TWITTER account. Now you guys can get a hint of what I'm up to daily. Hope you all will keep following. Invite your friends to follow also. Like I said, I need your support. Thanks in advance.
Anyway, I think I am going to spend the rest of the morning looking for people to follow along in the Twitter line. Remember, you never know what will be the next achievement so visit anytime. I will keep posting. Later all!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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