13 August, 2009

Sunset on Day One

Well the day has ended and I've searched and brainstormed my entire afternoon. The most challenging aspect of the day was deciding where I would begin my search. Yup. that was really challenging. I wanted to choose a location that could capture my interest immediately as well as providing a starting line for a route that could be followed quite easily.
At first I thought of China. They have some really
neat art forms in china. I love the dragon art, the landscape features, and MARTIAL ARTS. Well enough of the China for now.
The second location I thought of was Australia. I thought of it mainly because of where it is situated. Honestly, I have no idea what forms of art originated from Australia. Well I know it is going to be interesting when I finally find out what artistic skills this country contains. I think you will also.
At the end of my brainstorming, I finally decided on beginning my quest in the lovely and ever popular continent, North America in the Country ... Canada ... You all may be wondering why! I'm going to be honest once again and let you know that I only chose to begin at this location because in my opinion, its a good starting line for my journey.
With this finally out of the way I can prepare myself mentally for the next step. I'm now sitting in front of my laptop once again having a thirst for something artistic. started browsing through my pictures. One Captured my mood though. Hope you like it.
Anxious about my next achievement. Feel free to stop by and find out how i am coming along. thanks for reading. I'm out. Bye. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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