13 August, 2009

The Expedition Begins

Hey y'all!! My search begins today. Ive planned to travel around the world to feed my artistic mind and finally decide which artistic trend I am going to stick to. In other words, which one of many forms of art I am going to make my focus, my choice, my life.
I have a feeling that its going to be crazy, wild and adventurous, that's why I'm going to have a lot of fun doing it. I you are wondering who I am then... My name is... You know what, I'm going to keep that a secret till Iv made my decision. Just stick around, check on my blog daily, I MIGHT JUST GIVE YOU A HINT :-P
I invite you all along with me on this journey. I think I need your support. In my depressing time, pick me up. In the happy time, rejoice with me. Well id like to sit down and chat still but I need to gather my hiking an other exploration gadgets. You never know what we might fall into along the way ( ON THE INTERNET L O L!!). anyway, I got my soda and my bag of food next to me so Im going to start Googleing my life away. Hope you enjoy my daily discoveries. see you soon!! Later! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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