15 August, 2009

Canada is beautiful

Lake Moraine Pristine Lake Banff, Canada

I'm here again. Ready to do some more art hunting. I am rather tired today tho. The present weather keeps whispering 'Stay in bed'. I actually feel extremely lazy. I did have a hearty breakfast, the fuel I need for the day but I think I will let it contribute to my body fat.
I love rainy days but, I rather the sunny days. I get a lot more stuff done on these days. Been wondering what my next art project is going to be. Probably some wildlife art piece, or some abstract political painting. Who knows? I will figure that out by the end of the day hopefully. Maybe I might just attach a pic to one of my posts.
Today I intend to dig a little into Canadian culture and History. Just want to have a little insight of how this country developed, its past and so on. I took some time looking at some photos of this country. Canada is beautiful. I'm not sure if I am comfortable with the temperature tho. That is definitely not what I'm used to. Take a look at the pictures yourself -Canadian Photos - You might like them.
Anyway, I wonder whose artwork will show up on my blog today... Might just be yours. Keep on visiting. You may be my future inspirational artist. Bye! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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