16 August, 2009

Truly a "Mystical Moment "

Debbie Lund- Mystical Moment

Hey all, Guess what!! I just found a new inspiration. Canada's Got Talent. The artist I stumbled on through my observation has a love for horses. A lot of her artwork capture horses and the environment at their spectacular moments. Her work is extremely beautiful. Debbie Lund is great at what she does. Take a look at Debbie Lund's art - Debbie Lund- truly amazing!!
While reading through her biography, one thing really caught my attention. She stated "I am so very excited about the journey of where my art will take me tomorrow. It is the joy of becoming the person who I am today." I also believe that our art do take each of us on a journey. We all just need to embrace it. The only difference between us is that, she also states a goal in the art realm "Now I am pursuing my life-long dream of becoming an equestrian and portrait artist." However, my goal has not yet been set.
Wish I could stop there but I have a lot more searching to do. Thanks for the inspiration Debbie

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