19 August, 2009

Studio DavAnn, Truly Impressive!!

Studio DavAnn - Twilight Paddle©


Hi everyone! Wondering where my search has taken me today?? My extensive search has taking me to a true place of artistic comfort and creativity. An art studio situated in Laurentian Mountain Playground of Quebec Canada. There, you will meet two extremely interesting artist who has in such a crafty manner, integrated recycling materials into their intriguing works art.
The self taught artists David Reeve aka Eso and Anne Ouelette aka Amyly are the creators of this studio filled with impressive art. Just a look at their work gives you a sense of the warm and welcoming atmosphere. What really caught my attention was one of the the materials used in some of their creations. Amyly is fond of utilizing fabric in her work and it does add a great deal of texture to her art. According to her and I totally agree, "fabric an their creation is an elevated art form in itself. It is a loss of beauty and creation to just throw them away." Eso works with a variety of material which include Oils, acrylics and sculpture and carpentry. Together, they make a great team. Im sure you will agree with me. Take my advice. Visit their studio here - Studio DavAnn - I am certain you will be impressesd also.

Thanks for the Inspiration Amyly and Eso!!


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