30 August, 2009

A true Gift. another step outside of Canada

Benjamin Budd - Cat Ice ©

Born with the ability to grasp a pencil perfectly, the ability to follow the image of the heart seen in their unique forms, and the ability to apply the colors of the soul and embrace the birth of a new creation... Many may stand in amazement, but to the artist it is beauty, it is joy, it is life.
Ever wondered what would become of someone who had a great love for art and who's early encouragement came from two artists of his own kind, his mother a painter and pathologist, and his father a physiologist and potter?? I would definitely find myself into painting and molding of some sort, and that is exactly what Benjamin Budd so marvelously developed into.
Benjamin began drawing at the age of 6 and through parental encouragement, he advanced into forms of art including painting and metalworking and studied drawing at the University of Toledo in Ohio. He then began practicing watercolor painting and was a full time painter for the past few years. Inspired by the landscape, he like most artists became a lover of nature and enjoyed capturing its beauty in his work. Also inspired by the Wyeths’ legacy - of comparing the techniques and subject matters of grandfather, father and son, Benjamin “hopes to freshly capture that memorable glance we all experience, thus sealing it in time” with pieces of his own.

Benjamin Budd - Sterling Bracelets ©

After years of being a full time painter, he has returned to metalworking through which he exhibits early artistic designs along with modern day designs. He has a magnificent artistic focus and emphasis and according to him, “hopes to bring back an appreciation of the ancient techniques of gold and silver work, many of which have been lost in the annuls of time as man grew hungry for convenience.” Benjamin Bud is a stunning artist and His work really stands out! check out a few of his creations here - Benjamin Budd Fine Arts & Metalwork - I am sure there is a lot more about him than you think. Contact him yourself!

Thanks for the inspiration Benjamin! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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  1. great work ,,great artist,, inspiring,,,,thanks for sharing him