12 August, 2009

Welcome Again Everyone

This is the blog of an artist on a wild expedition.I am in search of the different forms of art around the world. My reason is to finally decide which one of the many forms of art I will make my life. Come along with me as i add new post throughout the days of my expedition and view my achievements. Its going to be long and hard but your support will keep me on that path as I keep you entertained . Hope you enjoy!! have fun!! You can view my achievements in order of dates by selecting the dates on the sidebar under the heading - Blog achievements. Thanks for your viewing support.

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Note: A secondary purpose of this blog is to promote the general art society, and more immediately, the artist that are featured on it with their approval while no form of monetary compensation is requested. If any artist would like their art to be featured on this blog, feel free to contact me. Would be more than happy to. Thank You!!

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