30 September, 2009

Art is always calling!

Mary Pratt Parker - Pioneer©

Hi all! today I decided to take another step out of Canada. I was basically browsing around trying to satisfy my daily thirst for art and inspiration and eventually stumbled upon this magnificent art by artist Mary Pratt Parker.
Mary Parker initially found her true love for art in her freshman year in college, and eventually "found purpose in her art" through the influence of her foundation art teacher.
She then went on to majoring in Fine Arts and graduated from Ricks College with an associates degree and later on attended Brigham Young University. At that time, she had an interest in the studies of health and wellness, with a desire of obtaining a degree in Health Science but her love for art lead her on a different path. Along the way, She was inspired by many artists who assisted her into developing into this masterpiece. Check out some of her work here - the art of MARY PRATT PARKER - they are really incredible.

Thanks for the inspiration Mary Pratt Parker. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

27 September, 2009

Had to take a look!!

Rebecca Geoffrey - A Little Mystery© (pendant)

Hi all!! Ive just been looking around as usual, letting the wind carry me through. While browsing around, Some amazing coloration caught my attention. I had to stop and take a look at this art.

Rebecca Geoffrey, specialized in polymer clay jewelry including beads and pendants sure has a unique touch for creating some highly impressive work of her kind. She states, "I enjoy using many mediums to create, the foremost being polymer clay. I've always been a fan of clean, simple design and always strive for that in my work." I am sure you will agree that her creation does reflect this statement. I had an enjoyable time just looking in admiration at the different pieces she produced. Really beautiful!

Rebecca Geoffrey - Blue Spiral Polymer Clay Beads©

Take a look at them for yourself!! Check out her Etsy shops RGCreations to view her bags and purses and Rebecca's Annex to look at her beads and pendants and also Rebecca Geoffrey's photostream on Flickr. You can also check out her blog - Rebecca Geoffrey,s Blog.

Thanks for the inspiration Rebecca Geoffrey! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

24 September, 2009

The beauty of Acrylic and Oil!

Maxim Grunin
Wild Stream ©

Hi all!! Guess how luck I was today!! I found the artist of one of the featured videos in my blog -Canadian artist painting a landscape in acrylics Maxim Grunin -

Russian born Maxim Grunin MFA , Canadian painter. Who loves working in oils, acrylics and mixed media.
He has a an wide variety of marvelous paintings which I assure you will take your breath away. He also has a blog of which I advise you to follow along.
Check out his Bio and artwork here - Painting and Paintings - His art and videos are real inspiring.

Thanks for the inspiration Maxim Grunin!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

21 September, 2009

The Turkish art of Marbling ( Ebru) nice!!

Flickr user justgrimes

Ebru is the name used for marbled paper in Turkish.

The origin of this art might have lead back to China, where a document from the T'ang dynasty (618-907) talks about the process of coloring paper on water with five hues. In the early examples from the 16th century, ebru appears in the (stone) form, without showing signs of any manipulation. Over the years, several variations developed.

Ebru technique consists of sprinkling colors containing a few drops of ox-gall on to the surface of the bath sized with kitre (gum tragacanth) in a trough. The paper is layed over the bath and the picture floating on top of it is transferred to the paper. Each ebru is ultimately a unique print. To obtain beautiful ebru results, "one needs to have a light hand, refined taste, and an open mind to the unexpected patterns forming on the water. Patience and a good knowledge of traditional culture".

After the 1550's, booklovers in Europe prized ebru, which came to be known as ‘Turkish papers’. Scholars believe that the so-called Turkish Papers played a great influence on the book arts in Europe.

See video here -The Turkish art of Marbling (Ebru)

compliments: http://www.uoguelph.ca/~agokcen/ebruli/


20 September, 2009

How to add a slide show to your Blog

Hi all I was asked how I managed to create my lil slide show on the left sidebar of my blog! Well the truth is, There are really a lot of ways to accomplish this. Some are more complicated than other. I would just take the time to share one of them with you.
I simply went to my blog layout and added an HTML/JavaScript gadget and entered the following :

< marquee direction="down" height="90">
<img src="Image Url" width="120" height="82" alt="o((@=@))o">
</marquee >


initially I utilized the image url directly from the blog posts but I later decided to create a separate image post consisting of all the blog which I save as a draft for external utilization purposes. I now use the image Url from this draft.
note: the slide direction can be altered t0 your desire, as well as the slide and image size.

Visit Draac.com for further lessons. Have fun!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

19 September, 2009

My Bedroom tiger

Mystery Artist - Bedroom tiger©

Hi all!! Well a friend requested that I attach another one of my paintings to a post. I did not intend on showing another one anytime soon but my baby suggested that I show you all one of my personal valuables. A painting that we both adore. It hangs on the wall above my head whenever I am in bed.

The production of this painting was rather unintentionally inspired. I sat with my paintbrush and a few acrylic tubes having nothing particular in mind and my thoughts wondered off unto pets. I was thinking of the type of pet that i would like to have running about in my yard. I know it is a lil radical, but i though it would be real awesome to have a tiger as a pet.

In spite of their wild nature, I do have a love for tigers and their color patterns are majestic. Hope you like this painting! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

17 September, 2009

Have you met this artist??

Peter Scott - Lucky Four

On my continued search through Canada, I stopped by an artist who is also a poet. Peter Scott, an artist and poet who loves painting in oil and watercolor. Born and raised in Sardis, B.C. He spent his early years drawing and camping in the nearby mountains of British Columbia. Being an outdoors man, environmentalist and artist, he was greatly inspired by the forests, mountain peaks, and winter snow throughout his life. Peter Scott attended Art Ed. Faculty at the University of British Columbia in 1977 and there worked on and improved his style of landscape painting. He worked in the Chilliwack Lake area as a tree planter, juvenile spacer and surveyor during the early summer months. The inspiration for his artwork came from the glaciers, forests and mountain peaks of the region. Then in 1983, he moved to Quesnel with his wife, Lori,where he began a career as Secondary School Art Educator. Peter Scott has a distinct adoration for painting of snow. He states, "I like to paint snow with all its subtle changes in color, shadows and highlights. I use snow in my work to symbolize the purity of the human spirit and the interplay of the elements of nature: sky, water, ice and snow represent the enduring, eternal cycle of the human soul." Peter has adapted his painting style to focus on the gold bearing creeks, winter snows and spruce forests of this scenic and historically rich area. You got to have a look at his artwork here -Artist & Poet of Cariboo - Really impressive!!

Here's a poem from Peter Scott!

The Painter

I paint early in the morning
of daylight's silent glow.
I watch with awe as pictures come
and ideas start to flow.

Water, paint and colours
come together and they blend.
To create a living memory
for me will never end.

A living piece of yesterday
upon the paper lay.
Water colour images
that illustrate my days.

by: Peter Scott

Wonderful artwork!! Thanks for the inspiration Peter Scott!!


A short break at work.

Hi all!! Just sitting at work right now. Thinking about the two lil turtles I purchased at the pet store yesterday. They are really cute. I will attach some of their photos to a later post. I was a bit bored so I decided to visit one of my favorite Studios. I always seem to receive an uplift in my spirit whenever I stop by! Really love the Fabric work. Keep it up Amyly, nice work Eso. Take my word for it all!! Whenever you gotta make a stop, do stop by - Studio DavAnn - You won't regret it!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

14 September, 2009

Group of seven

The Group of Seven (compliments wikipedia.org)

Hi all!! I did some reading on the group that so greatly influenced the growth and developement of art in Canada. As I spent time reading up on this aspect, I found it quite interesting.

The Group of Seven was formed in 1920 and consisted originally of seven self proclaimed modern artists of Toronto. They were Franklin CARMICHAEL,(Alfred Joseph) CASSON ,Tom THOMSON, Frank JOHNSTON, Arthur LISMER, J.E.H. MACDONALD and F.H. VARLEY. They initially met as employees of the design firm Grip Ltd in Toronto. In 1913, the group was joined by A. Y. (Alexander Young) JACKSON and Lawren HARRIS. They often met at the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto to discuss their opinions and share their art.
The group received monetary support from Harris (heir to the Massey-Harris farm machinery fortune) and Dr. James MacCallum. Harris and MacCallum together built the Studio Building in the Rosedale ravine to serve as a meeting and working place for the new Canadian art movement. MacCallum owned land on Georgian Bay and Thomson worked as a guide in nearby Algonquin Park, he and the other artists often travelled to these places for inspiration.
During World War I, The informal group was temporarily split up and during that time, Jackson and Varley became official war artists. A further blow to the group came in 1917 when Thomson died while canoeing in Algonquin Park.
After the war, the seven who formed the original group reunited and continued to travel throughout Ontario, especially the Muskoka and Algoma regions, sketching the landscape and developing techniques to represent it in art. In 1919 they began to call themselves the Group of Seven, and by 1920 they were ready for their first exhibition. Together, they altered the belief of many artists who believed that the Canadian landscape was either unpaintable or not worthy of being painted. Reviews for the 1920 exhibition were mixed, but as the decade progressed the Group came to be recognized as pioneers of a new, Canadian, school of art.
Frank Johnston left the group in 1921, and A. J. Casson seemed like an appropriate replacement. Franklin Carmichael had taken a liking to him and had encouraged Casson to sketch and paint for many years beforehand. A. J. Casson was invited to join in 1926, and he accepted.
The Group's champions during its early years included Barker Fairley, and the warden of Hart House at the University of Toronto, J. Burgon Bickersteth.
The members of the Group began to travel elsewhere in Canada for inspiration, including British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and the Arctic. These painters were the first artists of European descent who depicted the Arctic. In 1926 A. J. Casson joined the group which soon numbered ten members with the additions of Edwin Holgate and LeMoine Fitzgerald.
The Group's influence was so widespread by the end of 1931 that they no longer found it necessary to continue as a group of painters. At their eighth exhibition in December of that year they announced that they had disbanded and that a new association of painters would be formed, known as the Canadian Group of Painters. The Canadian Group held its first exhibition in 1933.
The Group of Seven great interest in landscape painting but were not only landscape painters. However, they did refer to their early school as a landscape school.
The men took pride in their art and worked diligently. All of the group, except one of its members, were commercial artists, and art was their means of living. Their art was unique in that they did not place emphasis on trying to imitate natural effects. Rather, their art reflected their attitudes and feelings of the object being painted. The group members also practiced similar art methods such as their choices of colors.

The Group of Seven were originally seven artists who took a stand for art in Canada. Their stand, their story and their art have inspired many artists and continues to do so even today. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

13 September, 2009

Short trip to Cape Town, South Africa

Mike Taljaard - Sea Scene, Cape Town Harbor, South Africa©

Hi all!! Just sitting relaxing and browsing around the web. Breathing the fresh air admiring colors of the sky through the window. Where I live, the environment is to a great extent unspoiled. That to me is a blessing that I embrace so proudly. I did observe the work of a few artist while I was at it and of course I would always share my findings with you guys.

Mike Taljaard - Still life, Vergelegen cheese & wine©

While browsing I stumbled upon the work of an artist from Cape Town, South Africa. He only started his painting career recently any I must say, I am really impressed at his work. He is a painter who uses a variety of mediums but specializes in oil paintings and chalk pastels.
You should take a look at some of Mike Taljaard's work. Check it out here - Dynamic Art - . quite impressive.

Well I'm off to do some more searching and more reading up on the Group of Seven. See you around!!


09 September, 2009

Glassy isn't it??

Jeff Goodman - Veer (Caribbean Blue)©

Glassy isn't it?? Will there ever be a limit to the shape and form, the color and texture? Well I don't think that my question will be solved anytime soon. Glass art is really amazing and the artists are spectacular. I spent some time looking at a few of the glass artists in Canada. Each of these artists are so unique with distinct preferences but their work are splendid.
Some artists began by venturing in an area unintentionally and instantly fell in love with that specific form of art. Jeff Goodman, a glass artist born in British Colombia, began his glass career
at Ontario's Sheridan College. He then obtained a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, and was voted outstanding student of the year.
His magnificent work has gone as far as the Style and other magazines, and was also seen in the Hollywood movie Three to Tango.
Jeff's glass work displays strict professionalism and creativity and truly "modern and classic." Check out a few of his remarkable creations here - Jeff Goodman Studio - You will be thrilled at their beauty.

I'm out to look at more of the Canadian glass art. Have fun all. Bye! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

06 September, 2009

A question from a friend

D.Price-Ewen - Ace of Pentacles 2009©

Hi all. i was asked a very important question and I think that this question inspired me to submit this post. Debrina stated "I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "My reason is to finally decide which one of the many forms of art I will make my life." Do you mean that you will pursue that art form or that you will be it? I'm intrigued."

Hi Debrina. Thanks for your interest in my journey. Well, Let me say firstly that I am an entirely self taught artist fascinated by everything that shows the slightest trace of art in them and swift in the grasping of concepts and techniques though I may never be able to master all. So far I am skilled in a number of them from pencil drawing to airbrushing down to poetry and the playing of musical instruments. As I move along, I tend to have a desire for something deeper and I figured that this search would be be a great inspiration as I explore the wide world of art. Now to answer your question, It could be either of the two. We all are an art piece of our own kind carved and molded by ourselves so uniquely, with various influences to the very last detail. Whether you are someone searching for something or someone who has reached their goal or whatever the case may be, that's what makes us who we are and we are totally in control of the art piece that we develop into. I am also searching to figure out which one of the many art forms that will capture my attention the most and more than likely, pursue it. I know this is actually a life long journey, but at the end, I just want to remind everyone that every work of art is not just an image, sculpture, writing, sound or whatever it may seem but is also an emotion, a replica of, an expression, a statement of something within the artist themselves.

Debrina herself is also an artist and i notice through observing her profile that she has a wide range of interest. I just had to become a follower of her blog. Their are art pieces that are quite amazing. check them out here - Debrina's Diary - You will love them too.

Thanks for allowing me to express myself in that way Debrina. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

05 September, 2009

Fegurative Artist & Teacher of Arts

Val Moker - Dancing With the Shadows ©

Hi all. Today I met this magnificent Canadian artist whose creations has made their way to a variety of locations. Val Moker, a figurative artist and also a teacher of visual arts began her art journey during the early 1980's and today continues to develop tremendously.
Her figurative pieces reaches to the very last detail of every character leaving behind a masterpiece that captivates the mind. Her gallery includes a variety of art that I am certain you will be thrilled to take a look at. I was really impressed by the way she captured the life of a cowboy from dusk till the dawn of his life. You should really take a look at the Exclusive Cowboy Series on her page. They are extremely impressive.
This artist really encouraged me through her creation of the Artist Corner. Her "love for art has inspired her to create this section on her site to share her knowledge and encourage other artists who are just starting out." She desire to assist others who just started on their own "artistic journey."
Weather you decide to look at her Cowboy Art, Nature Art, Figurative Art or Commissions, each piece are individual breathtaking and I advise you to visit her gallery here - The Diverse Art of Val Moker - truly Magnificent!!

Thanks for the inspiration Val Moker!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

02 September, 2009

Birds, Birds, Birds!!

Peter Markham Scott - Grey Geese Over The Sea ©

Hi all, I have been taking some time off to read up the biography some of many artists n Canada. It is interesting how the taste of each artist vary. One thing i noted that is quite common is their love for nature. The environment is truly an amazing source of inspiration that never fades away.
Anyway, I am sure that some of you are waiting to figure out who will be the next Canadian artist featured in my post. This next artist sure has tremendous ability but you will have to wait for my next post to figure out who this artist is.
However, I don't intend on keeping any of my findings away from you guys. While searching, I stumbled upon an image and I thought to myself, "If i was that artist, what would I be singing as I work on my art pieces?" My song would probably be, Birds, Birds, Birds... or something of that nature. I must admit, he captures the birds at their most spectacular moments in his paintings.
The artist Peter Markham Scott (1909 - 1989) a British naturalist, conservationist artist and author, with a great passion for wildlife traveled all over the world painting rare birds. He founded the Severn Wildfowl Trust (now the Wildlife and Wetlands Trust) and co-founded the World Wildlife Fund (now the World Wide Fund for Nature) and these are just a few of his contributions to the conservationist society.
I know you will be stunned by the beauty of his work. Have a look at some of his pieces here - The Street Gallery - I know you will be amazed at the detailing of his work.

Birds are beautiful. I think I will take some time to do a painting of national bird of my homeland. Hope it doesn't give away my nationality, Anyway. have fun viewing Peter Markham Scott's art. Bye!