17 September, 2009

Have you met this artist??

Peter Scott - Lucky Four

On my continued search through Canada, I stopped by an artist who is also a poet. Peter Scott, an artist and poet who loves painting in oil and watercolor. Born and raised in Sardis, B.C. He spent his early years drawing and camping in the nearby mountains of British Columbia. Being an outdoors man, environmentalist and artist, he was greatly inspired by the forests, mountain peaks, and winter snow throughout his life. Peter Scott attended Art Ed. Faculty at the University of British Columbia in 1977 and there worked on and improved his style of landscape painting. He worked in the Chilliwack Lake area as a tree planter, juvenile spacer and surveyor during the early summer months. The inspiration for his artwork came from the glaciers, forests and mountain peaks of the region. Then in 1983, he moved to Quesnel with his wife, Lori,where he began a career as Secondary School Art Educator. Peter Scott has a distinct adoration for painting of snow. He states, "I like to paint snow with all its subtle changes in color, shadows and highlights. I use snow in my work to symbolize the purity of the human spirit and the interplay of the elements of nature: sky, water, ice and snow represent the enduring, eternal cycle of the human soul." Peter has adapted his painting style to focus on the gold bearing creeks, winter snows and spruce forests of this scenic and historically rich area. You got to have a look at his artwork here -Artist & Poet of Cariboo - Really impressive!!

Here's a poem from Peter Scott!

The Painter

I paint early in the morning
of daylight's silent glow.
I watch with awe as pictures come
and ideas start to flow.

Water, paint and colours
come together and they blend.
To create a living memory
for me will never end.

A living piece of yesterday
upon the paper lay.
Water colour images
that illustrate my days.

by: Peter Scott

Wonderful artwork!! Thanks for the inspiration Peter Scott!!



  1. Excellent article my friend! This is truly a great place to stop over and find what's new, exciting and interesting! We enjoy every post whether we comment or not.

    Thanks again...


  2. actually I have stumbled across this artist.... This blog has sparked my interest in art and more specifically art in Canada... Peter Scott does have excellent work... waiting for your next post...
    love always...

  3. Great Artist, great man, I feel so blessed to have been his student he has helped to inspire many as not only artists but individuals. Many can be teachers but to be a mentor through living your passion and inspiration and inspiring it in others is a gift, this man has that. Thank you Peter for being so in tune with life, and sharing your gift with all of us, Quesnel is blessed to have such an artist