19 September, 2009

My Bedroom tiger

Mystery Artist - Bedroom tiger©

Hi all!! Well a friend requested that I attach another one of my paintings to a post. I did not intend on showing another one anytime soon but my baby suggested that I show you all one of my personal valuables. A painting that we both adore. It hangs on the wall above my head whenever I am in bed.

The production of this painting was rather unintentionally inspired. I sat with my paintbrush and a few acrylic tubes having nothing particular in mind and my thoughts wondered off unto pets. I was thinking of the type of pet that i would like to have running about in my yard. I know it is a lil radical, but i though it would be real awesome to have a tiger as a pet.

In spite of their wild nature, I do have a love for tigers and their color patterns are majestic. Hope you like this painting! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Awesome...the EYES have it!!!! Besides, this would be the perfect size "kitty" for your pyre. Hugs, Regina