06 September, 2009

A question from a friend

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Hi all. i was asked a very important question and I think that this question inspired me to submit this post. Debrina stated "I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "My reason is to finally decide which one of the many forms of art I will make my life." Do you mean that you will pursue that art form or that you will be it? I'm intrigued."

Hi Debrina. Thanks for your interest in my journey. Well, Let me say firstly that I am an entirely self taught artist fascinated by everything that shows the slightest trace of art in them and swift in the grasping of concepts and techniques though I may never be able to master all. So far I am skilled in a number of them from pencil drawing to airbrushing down to poetry and the playing of musical instruments. As I move along, I tend to have a desire for something deeper and I figured that this search would be be a great inspiration as I explore the wide world of art. Now to answer your question, It could be either of the two. We all are an art piece of our own kind carved and molded by ourselves so uniquely, with various influences to the very last detail. Whether you are someone searching for something or someone who has reached their goal or whatever the case may be, that's what makes us who we are and we are totally in control of the art piece that we develop into. I am also searching to figure out which one of the many art forms that will capture my attention the most and more than likely, pursue it. I know this is actually a life long journey, but at the end, I just want to remind everyone that every work of art is not just an image, sculpture, writing, sound or whatever it may seem but is also an emotion, a replica of, an expression, a statement of something within the artist themselves.

Debrina herself is also an artist and i notice through observing her profile that she has a wide range of interest. I just had to become a follower of her blog. Their are art pieces that are quite amazing. check them out here - Debrina's Diary - You will love them too.

Thanks for allowing me to express myself in that way Debrina. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Great article and thanks for the blog tip! We look forward to your posts to see what's new.

  2. Hello my friend - it was a nice surprise to see one of my tarot collages chosen. Nice choice! There was a lot of thought put into the two collages I did there, and it was a neat challenge between my friend and I. I look forward to your new posts!