27 September, 2009

Had to take a look!!

Rebecca Geoffrey - A Little Mystery© (pendant)

Hi all!! Ive just been looking around as usual, letting the wind carry me through. While browsing around, Some amazing coloration caught my attention. I had to stop and take a look at this art.

Rebecca Geoffrey, specialized in polymer clay jewelry including beads and pendants sure has a unique touch for creating some highly impressive work of her kind. She states, "I enjoy using many mediums to create, the foremost being polymer clay. I've always been a fan of clean, simple design and always strive for that in my work." I am sure you will agree that her creation does reflect this statement. I had an enjoyable time just looking in admiration at the different pieces she produced. Really beautiful!

Rebecca Geoffrey - Blue Spiral Polymer Clay Beads©

Take a look at them for yourself!! Check out her Etsy shops RGCreations to view her bags and purses and Rebecca's Annex to look at her beads and pendants and also Rebecca Geoffrey's photostream on Flickr. You can also check out her blog - Rebecca Geoffrey,s Blog.

Thanks for the inspiration Rebecca Geoffrey! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. I bookmarked your blog. Best regards, Hans

    Art Club Caucasus

  2. thanks for your visit - I reciprocate the compliment - you have a nice blog here too. And I would love to added to your blog list.

  3. Ohhh, I like her work! I'm looking for something for my gf, going to check out Rebecca's site :)