30 September, 2009

Art is always calling!

Mary Pratt Parker - Pioneer©

Hi all! today I decided to take another step out of Canada. I was basically browsing around trying to satisfy my daily thirst for art and inspiration and eventually stumbled upon this magnificent art by artist Mary Pratt Parker.
Mary Parker initially found her true love for art in her freshman year in college, and eventually "found purpose in her art" through the influence of her foundation art teacher.
She then went on to majoring in Fine Arts and graduated from Ricks College with an associates degree and later on attended Brigham Young University. At that time, she had an interest in the studies of health and wellness, with a desire of obtaining a degree in Health Science but her love for art lead her on a different path. Along the way, She was inspired by many artists who assisted her into developing into this masterpiece. Check out some of her work here - the art of MARY PRATT PARKER - they are really incredible.

Thanks for the inspiration Mary Pratt Parker. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Her work is lovely. I love the perspective of her Pioneer Painting and her ladies sewing is eye candy. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, I will look into that link. Thanks again.

  3. Hi Mystery Artist - Sure thing, I'd love to be featured... and to see other artists' work!

    Count me in.

  4. Wow - such an amazing perspective to take! How's it all going in Canada? We're freezing our "bleeps" off here in NZ with a freakish wintery blast coming from the south (snow, rain, freezing cold wind) - all in a spring(nearly summer's day!!

  5. The search is coming on Great thanks!!

  6. A curious painting. Makes me feel odd somehow.