05 October, 2009

A part of our life

Dave Acton -Full Regalia©

Hi all! Today I decide to spend some time working on my own art. I recently started a acrylic painting and for some reason, a lot of stuff keep coming up to alter my focus on completing this piece. Hopefully I will get it done by the end of this week.

I also spent some time browsing and observing a few more Canadian artist and as usual, I just got to share my findings with you guys.
While doing this, I met artist Dave Acton. He said, "
Art has always been part of my life over the years." He is a Carver, a Painter, Portrait artist and also Draws. Dave gave me a little tip on the changes of Canadian art over some time where he stated that, "Canadian art seems to be changing but for so long we have been the oils and watercolors of trees and more trees lol." Through my search, I can see that the changing of Canadian art is really growing and also, into a wide variety amongst the artist.
Dave got a lot of interesting and magnificent works of art and sure is a brilliant artist! Check out some of his art here - Dave Acton's Art - Really beautiful!!

Thank you Dave Acton. Was really inspiring!


  1. hey! I loved the artworks in your blog.
    amazin dude..amzain

  2. Hi Mystey Artis, your blog is a bit visual inspiration, thanks so much for visiting me so that I could come here and discover your art:) Have a great weekends, greetings from Paris to Canada

  3. Thanks! I like your blog also. Greetings to you too Cestandrea

  4. The linework and detail on this is amazing. It makes me want to know more about this model, which is what good art is suppose to. Love your blog and can't wait to see more!

  5. beautiful work and detail. love it!!!