13 September, 2009

Short trip to Cape Town, South Africa

Mike Taljaard - Sea Scene, Cape Town Harbor, South Africa©

Hi all!! Just sitting relaxing and browsing around the web. Breathing the fresh air admiring colors of the sky through the window. Where I live, the environment is to a great extent unspoiled. That to me is a blessing that I embrace so proudly. I did observe the work of a few artist while I was at it and of course I would always share my findings with you guys.

Mike Taljaard - Still life, Vergelegen cheese & wine©

While browsing I stumbled upon the work of an artist from Cape Town, South Africa. He only started his painting career recently any I must say, I am really impressed at his work. He is a painter who uses a variety of mediums but specializes in oil paintings and chalk pastels.
You should take a look at some of Mike Taljaard's work. Check it out here - Dynamic Art - . quite impressive.

Well I'm off to do some more searching and more reading up on the Group of Seven. See you around!!


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  1. Very cool stopover! Thanks for sharing.
    We also like the addition of your slide show to the left.
    keep on posting my friend