29 March, 2010

Goodbye March...Hello April

Photo: Big periwinkle - James H. Miller
Hey everyone,

March has been a very long month I must say. I feel like I've been in March for forever now. Well now we can say goodbye to March and all that came with it, for example, lent and welcome April, another busy hectic month, but a new beginning.

Well, over the month of March I've had a lot to get done...Research papers etc... Having gotten them out of the way, I can safely say that I will have much more time for blogging :-D...and April's already looking like a very exciting month. Well, I've still to finish posting about calypso, showing how it has developed over the years and there are lots of things going on in April that I would like to touch on: Easter, Alcohol awareness etc. Also I've found some personal old poetry that I would like to share and I've found an aspiring poet and would also like to share his work. Well there's always much to explore in the world of poetry.

Well I've decided to end March with a little poem. I hope you like it :-)

March right on to April
Don't just stagger by
Look forward with anticipation
Of a golden, fun-filled time
March right past the old months
Do not stop and sigh
Time is never waiting
Neither should you and I

I haven't given it a title. What do you think?

Well I'm off for now.


  1. Catchy poem, wonder where that came from tho
    i like anyways

  2. Thanks...Well it was just something that came to mind while I was writing this post