19 March, 2010

Cotton Bud Wonders

Ever wondered what good other than cleaning your earlobes could come from the sanitary cotton bud?? I sat thinking about it and decided to do some searching. Some place, somehow, an artist must have thought of some exciting way of transforming its purpose and introducing it to the world of art. Thanks to the great network of artists brought to us through the internet, In just about a minute, I stumbled on these young artists who are really impressive. Visit their blog and have a look at their work and cotton bud art. If you want to have a look at some spectacular works of art and see how far an artist can go with cotton bud art, take a look at a few images here.
I think I am going to have my share of cotton bud art creating, as soon as I figure out what exactly to create. Hope you guys are having a great time so far. enjoy! See ya! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------