19 March, 2010

The change

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Hi all, I know you guys have been wondering what the Mystery Artist has been up to lol! Honestly, I have been doing a lot of work lately. I found myself getting involved in a number of website developments of which a lot of work is still needed to be done. I have not taken the time to officially let you guys know about the change to the blog. What lead us into deciding to join both the Rare Art Arena and the Poetry Lit and everything else blogs was the lack of free time to submit new posts as often as before. The truth is, these blogs really require a lot of time and effort to maintain. For me , the most difficult aspect is deciding what to write about next lol! and along with that, establishing contact with the artist I decide to feature. Everyone seems busy hehe. Anyway, since the Rare art Arena blog also included posts on poetry, I decided to invite my closest friend to post on the Rare Art Arena Blog, and that was when the thought of merging the blogs came up. Now, the Blog has two writers and I do most of the designing etc. Anyway, we hope that this will keep you guys entertained as we post along the way. Hope you enjoy the new look! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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  1. The new look is very striking! I know how difficult maintaining websites can be. Hang in there!