17 October, 2009

You have to meet her!!

Molly Williams - Summer©

You have to meet artist Molly Williams!

Some young people spend a lot of their time drawing in their notebooks. I am sure that this was the case with a lot of artists during the early years of their lives, including myself. It was exactly the same with artist Molly Williams. It was at the age of five that she began her art journey by "filling her notebooks with drawn portraits."

Over the years, she has developed into an accomplished portrait artist and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Brigham Young University. Specializing in oil paintings of children she produces the ever so magnificent portrait pieces that leaves a lasting memory on the minds of her clients.
Her studio is located in Utah where she works as a full time painter
creating portrait works that are of extreme quality, accuracy and authenticity. She is also magnificent in working with children and that is a valuable ability that assist her in "familiarizing herself with the personality and characteristics of each child."
She states, "When you look at a child, you see their spirit. A painted portrait is unequaled because it is one human’s interpretation of another through the medium of paint. As I am painting a child’s portrait I remember their smile, the way they shine, the jokes they tell and the way they talk. As the artist, I am constantly aware of my role as the bridge between the child, the photograph, and the final portrait. I put the child into the painting."

Really love the work of this artist! See for yourself how splendid her portrait pieces are here - Molly Williams Children's Portraits - Have fun! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------