21 October, 2009

Here's the Hidden Falls in acrylic

Mystery Artist - Hidden Falls in acrylic ©

Finally I got it done. Initially, I was simply going to project the art piece 'Hidden waterfall' using the same medium as before; charcoal. Somehow I was colorfully inspired to give the charcoal a rest and add some color to this piece of nature. It is a rather large piece tho. 30" x 35" acrylic on canvas work. Took me two days to complete thanks to the commitments of my everyday life. Hope you guys like it. I do. I also have been thinking of something new to introduce to the blog. I am planning on adding some of the artwork of artists from my homeland. I know it will be great to show you guys how culture influenced art in my country. Oh before I forget, I have also added a few changes to the art blog directory. You can now see the thumbnail of the most recent item on the blogs. It looks like a neat collection of art from various artist. see for yourself - Art Blogs - Well, I am off for now. Hope you all are enjoying everything. Cheers!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Love this piece.......the colors are great and by coincidence we both posted about waterfalls today....must be something in the air. Thanks for choosing "starry night" as today's inspirational art piece

  2. Wow...that's just stunning. I can't imagine doing something that large &/or detailed in 2 days!

  3. Wow!!! Nice piece of work!

    You have been busy my friend. I really like the direction of travel from the bottom to the top, while slowly transiting in colour and detail. Mystical and spiritual in nature, I find a peaceful uplifting visual sensation as I travel through the work.
    Nice job on the reflections too. Well done and thanks for sharing.


  4. Nice... This is so pretty in colour.

  5. Thanks guys. Really put a lot of my effort into it. I am glad that you guys like it