14 January, 2010

Where it All Began

Photo Compliments: wikipedia.com
Description :Cylindres of the Sumerian ruler Gudea with cuneiform texts

Hey everybody,

Busy days these days... or perhaps rather lazy days. I'm not sure which I do more these days- work or sleep. Oh well, I guess I'm getting some much needed rest. Well, I've found a great time line which shows the chronology of ancient civilizations. However, there was no mention of the pre Columbian societies in the West such as the Aztecs, Incas etc. I guess, that is some more research that I'll have to do...When I get the time. I wish I could just lie on my bed for the entire day reading. God knows!

Anyway, as have already been noted, the first civilization of the Ancient world is Sumer. Their civilization was located in Southern Mesopotamia, Iraq. Their civilization has been said to span over a period of over 3000 years from 6th millennium B.C. until the rise of Babylonia. The invention of writing has been attributed to the Sumerians, starting with cuneiform logograms to a syllabary writing system. Sumerian Literature is the oldest Literature in the world and the earliest known work of writing, Epic of Gilgamesh, have been attributed to them.

Well, that's as far as I've gotten but I will be doing some more reading on Sumerian civilization paying close attention to their contribution to Literature.

I've still been writing poems...Well, still been trying to write poems, so here's another. Hope you like it.

Wistful Thinking
I have submerged
My cheerful disposition has succumbed
To my wistfulness
My thoughts is the virus that has caused my melancholy
“Will everything ever be alright?” I ask
But my discombobulated mind makes me pessimistic
I am sinking deeper in, drowning
With nothing but twigs to hold on to
Yes twigs, faint memories of what used to be
Far from sufficient to sustain my weight
Far from sufficient to make me hopeful for better days
Indeed, there are no better days
I’m in a whirlpool
More like a bottomless pit
I’ve been flushed down
It’s sucking me in
Never again to see the surface