28 January, 2010

Stopping by to say Hi and PRAY!

A Photo of my ongoing project

Hi all! I have been working on some airbrushing projects. Had to take the time to stop by and see how everyone is doing. Yesterday I had to place some art work on a Van. As usual, the preparation is the difficult part. Creating the surface to work on really takes a lot. in the photo I had to place an old sheet of paper with some words printed on the vehicle and man I really don't like the scent of automotive paint lol! Gotta leave with it even though it gets me hungry. I also gotta place another work of art on the front of the van. Hopefully I will attach more photos on my next post to show you guys the finished product. Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying the New Year so far. A lot of people are not as fortunate. Some were unable to live this far into the year. Pray for our Friends and the families in Haiti. Donate in whatever way you can. Our support is needed greatly. Anyway, I am off for now.

Take care guys. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Hello hello!! How are you these days? I wanna see the final result ^_^. Yes, I know I have to stay tuned. Man! how cool that you can do this!

    Talk to you soon! Ciao!

    PS.: I place your button on my blog! I really admire ow you collect all those art blogs! It's so easy to get an overview of all the art blogs around the globe ^_^! Really appreciated & keep it up!

  2. Thanks TJ. I only started Airbrushing three years ago. It was a bit difficult at first till I got the hang of the brush control. After that everything seemed easy. You could try it one day. There are a lot of tutorials online.
    I love looking at all the art blogs yours is one of my favorite.

  3. I will definitely look into it when I have more time ^_^! Oh of your faves?! Really thank you so much! That means a lot!