07 January, 2010

The language of flowers

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Hi all! I am once again on my art search and I am already having a lot of fun. Though My busy times has not completely gone away, I am blessed with the free time which I could use to do some art browsing. Hopefully on Sunday I will be traveling again to another Caribbean Island for some work related event. I am also hoping that I will have the opportunity to visit at least one local artist while I'm there. Anyway, this morning, I spent some time walking about in my yard at home and took some time to admire what may seem to others as simple but really is a very complex and amazing aspect of nature. If you really listen, you will be sure to hear the voices all around you as it serenades the earth. I am sure you will agree that flowers speak to us;

Red roses - passionate, romantic love
Pink roses - a lesser affection
White roses - virtue and chastity and
Yellow roses - friendship or devotion.

and the many others in the floriography arena.
Think of the beauty that flowers in their natural arrangements posses. What makes it even more interesting is the artistic ability that man has developed and have been ably to produce arrangements and combination of flowers that has really been able to stand far above the natural scenes. While searching for art I stumbled on a Flower filled blog which as always, I would like to share with you. Visit Everyday Flowers and enjoy this floral facination.

Here is a wonderful poem by a friend.

The Rose

The beautiful, harmless, flawless rose
Its soft white petals
Filled with its desirable scent
A mark of innocence
The rose
That beautiful, harmless, flawless rose
The rose called out to me in silence
It was my every longing
But, my rough hands could not handle such delicacy
I tore out a petal or two
Damaged its perfection
Scarred the rose
The rose
Still that beautiful, harmless rose
I am no more careful
Than I was when I found it
And the more the rose endures
The rougher I become
But the rose
That beautiful harmless rose
Pricked the blood out of my thumb
The Rose
That beautiful rose
I should have known
There is no rose without a thorn

I am also working on an artist photo album for the blog. In this album will have a photo of all the artist who were featured on the blog. i want to keep a picture record of all the artist who have inspired me along the way.

anyway, I am off for now. See ya!


  1. No matter what the reason or occasion might be, flowers say it the best. They are the best way to express our feelings and make our loved ones happy.

  2. I really like your blog and significance of different colours of roses. It was nice going through your blog.

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  4. Great Post. So nice of you to use my poem. The language of flowers is indeed an interesting study. Looking forward to your following posts