07 January, 2010

The Journey Has Only Just Begun

Photo Compliments: emprudate.com

Hey Everyone,

Today, I decided to go back into Literature History, this time with a new approach. Last year, I started with Ancient Greek Literature, but Greece was not the first civilization of the Ancient world. So, I went back further into History. So far, it has been interested to see the different societies that evolved in ancient history, their contribution to Literature, and to the bigger world. It's so amazing to see how they applied their intelligence to writing and even bigger things such as architecture. These ancient peoples were very intelligent indeed. Well, I'm trying to get a time line to see which of the societies came first and to develop some sort of chronology.

I'm off for now
Cheers! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Sounds like great fun!...would love to hear about it..~S~

  2. You have such a curious investigative mind, that's cool.