13 December, 2009

Whimsical Flying machine

GJ Pearson - Flying Machine

Hi all!
Today I spent some time looking at toy sculptures and characters and I fell upon the work of this marvelous artist GJ Pearson. His whimsical art definitely caught my attention as soon as I laid my eyes on them.

GJ Pearson’s art mostly sculptures that resemble whimsical figures of all sorts. They are also quite interesting and their individualism are what attracts viewer unto the characters. The hidden mystery of these toy-like pieces forces observers to participate in the work of this artist to feed their curiosity.

It is known that GJ Pearson’s studio is an amazing ad exciting whimsical park and it is really a reflection of the a quality of naturalness in his work. It can be easily concluded that the heart of GJ Pearson is in his art and his art is in his heart. You can visit his website here - GJ Pearson. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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  1. very unique...thank you for sharing!! Hugs, Regi