10 December, 2009

Christmas All Year Round

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Hi all

I was sitting and just thinking about the season. Christmas time is definitely the most joyful time of the year; sharing of gifts, spending time with family, sharing love and not to mention the GREAT food. It is sad, however, that this is only time of the year that some people place a big emphasis on showing affection when they should really be showing love everyday. Some even forget the true meaning of this time of year. The memory of the Baby in the stable who came to save the world.

Christmas will always be a season of joy though....a season where we should appreciate and love each other... just as Christ loves us. We should not only do this during the Christmas season, but we should also take into our everyday lives throughout the year and keep the Christmas cheer.

This is a poem I wrote earlier...not with the intention of dampening anyone's Christmas spirit. I just wanted to give the Christmas theme a new twist. However, one thing we can learn from this poem, is that our love should not only be seen at Christmas...but everyday of the year....

I hate Christmas
maybe if there were no Christmas
We'd spend the whole year thinking about God's love
How He sent the Christ child Jesus
from heaven up above
Demoted him to human status
For His Sacrifice of Love

maybe if there were no Christmas
I wouldn't have to wait whole year to get me some new toys
Giving would be human nature
Not just a seasonal show
Maybe there'd be less poor people
Just maybe...Cause only God knows

maybe if there were no Christmas
I'd know all my cousins; nieces and nephews too
Without the convenience of Christmas
We'd want to keep in touch
Family would be a priority
Not just a second choice

But most of all I hate Christmas
maybe if there were no Christmas
Then we would always ever show love
It would be a part of us
of others first to think
We'd put aside our human ways
And do as Jesus did

But maybe I do like Christmas
Maybe if there were no Christmas
My dreams won't all come true
The best in us which Christmas always brings
Would disappear for good.


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  1. Thanks. This is very encouraging. And I do hate the commercial part of Christmas but I fear that it has been so deeply integrated that there's little we can do about it anymore. We just need to recognize the real reason for the season, which is the Birth of Jesus Christ.
    Merry Christmas A.J.