14 December, 2009

Some Hanukkah Poetry

Hey All

I spent some time looking for a little "Hanukkah Literature", be it a poem, a rhyme, a story. Well I did find many. I've found stories and poems, songs, even prayers and blessings. I found one person in particular who had written a number of Hanukkah poems. I have not found out very much about her, but Eva Grant has expressed the significance and joy of Hanukkah quite nicely with her poetry.

Hanukkah Quiz

Why is the story of Hanukkah told?
To honor the brave Maccabeans of old.
What makes our mouths water, handed around?
Platefuls of pancakes, deliciously browned.
There are the Hanukkah gifts hidden? Well . . .
That is a secret which no one should tell!
What do we place on the table to hold
The gay-colored candles? It's polished gold.
The shining menorah!
What comes once a year?
Hanukkah fun!
At last it is here
Eva Grant

Joyous Hanukkah

At last! At last! Hanukkah is here!
The whole house is bursting with holiday cheer.

Pancakes are sizzling as hard as they can,
Browning delectably crisp in the pan.
The dreidels can scarcely wait to be spun;
Presents are hidden for Hanukkah fun;

And there, on the table, polished and bright,
The shining menorah gleams through the night,

Like the oil lamp in ancient history,
That burned on and on miraculously!

And each flaming candle proclaims the great story
Of the Maccabean heroes, their deeds and their glory.
Eva Grant

A number of other poems by Eva Grant can be found at various websites. More Hanukkah Poetry can be found here.

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