17 December, 2009

More Holiday Poetry

Hey everybody,

Just dropping by to do a short post. I've been much less busy with responsibilities now that the holidays are here...for example, I no longer have to teach AWANA til school resumes (AWANA is a Christian Club : Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed) and other such responsibilities are pretty much on a hold right now. However, I place myself in front of my computer much less for now. I am growing to realize that the little joys of life I enjoyed as a child have diminished from my life because of the rise of technology. .:-D. Well, considering the season that we're in, I think it much better and more contenting to spend some time with family and friends...doing things together...even dusting out the old board games in the cupboard :-D.

Anyway, yesterday, I took some time to browse for some poetry. I stumbled across Marie Anne St. Jean who have written some holiday poetry. For some reason, it was her acrostic poem which attracted me. (For those who don't know, an acrostic poem is one in which the words are arranged in such a way that a certain letter in each line, first or last, when taken in order spell out a word or motto.) What is being spelled out in her poem is "Mary Did You Know". Her poem can be viewed here.

She has also written a haiku, which is a verse form with three unrhymed lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively. This can be viewed here.

Well, that's all for now.
Cheers! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my meager works. I don't normally write poetry, but only recently have dabbled with a piece here and there.

    I'm glad that you enjoyed reading them.

  2. i enjoyed reading that too! pretty cool! wish i could do just like u and stay away from the computer :) i just can't! have a nice xmas holiday!


    Here we are awaiting Christmas
    Storing up our gifts and food
    Spending lots of lovely money
    Don't forget, we must include
    Auntie Betty, Uncle Norman
    Cards for all upon our list
    Daren't forget a single person
    Can't upset the one that's missed.

    Whilst were stuffing all the turkey
    Christmas pud helped down with wine
    Slumping down in front of tele
    Snoring through the pantomime
    This is usual for the masses
    Greed and gluttony abound
    Whilst, outside, the homeless passes
    Searching pavements for a pound.

    Jesus Christ was born at Christmas
    Sent to earth to save us all
    Lived to serve all those around Him
    Always perfect, standing tall
    Helped the leper, healed the cripple
    Underdog and down and out
    Suffered greatly for His mercy
    Hated by the men with clout.

    So we must be all like Jesus
    Following His every way
    Showing love to all who need it
    Living in His humble way
    For He loves a cheerful giver
    One who relegates himself
    To the role of peoples servant
    That is how we earn our wealth.

  4. Great poem. I'll be sure to share it. And your work is great Marie Anne. Merry Christmas Everybody!