29 December, 2009

A New Beginning or Perhaps a Journey Continued

Climbing the mountain
Flickr user - doemehuber

Hey Everyone,

Every year, as the new year approaches, I set goals for myself, and list out all the things that I would like to achieve for the upcoming year. Well generally, there are a few things which stay the same. For example, grow closer to God, grow closer to family and friends, be a little more active, read a little more etc. Well, since I've started this blog I've also considered the changes I am going to make here also. I think I need to get a little more organized here and maybe keep focused on the path I had taken in the first place : the History of Literature...lol...but there is always so much to share. Secondly, I would like to recognize the efforts of people who have contributed and still are contributing to the development of Literature. Additionally I would like to write more poetry (I know that this has nothing to do with the organization or development of this blog but since this is a poetry blog I might as well encourage it :-D).

Well, I have already started and have written a "New Year" poem. I hope you like it:

A new beginning
Another leg of the journey
Look ahead
Only to see another mountain approaching
There'll be moments up hill
Times to go down also
Each moment, every minute, each second
A privilege
Another minute to live
Another second of life
Be pessimistic
Or savor each moment alive
Choose to remain stagnant
Or climb to higher heights
Whichever brings more contentment...

One fact remains
We were chosen, blessed
Given the chance to live


  1. Lovely poem!I especially like the line "whichever brings more contentment.."(Which?...~S~)...Have a Happy New Year...Lynn

  2. I read somewhere a phrase that I liked very much:

    "I want to die for an overdose of life"

    I guess being like that is the secret of life.
    Happy New Year to you too


  3. Thanks! Happy New Year to you'll also