31 December, 2009

Happy New YE"ART"!!

Hi all,

This has been one of the busiest Christmas seasons I've seen. Well its soon coming to an end and everything seems to be pacing down now. Thank God. I have made the best of my Christmas season though, and managed to spend some time with family and friends.

Well, the new year is here...well almost... and its time to look forward to new beginnings. I'm looking forward to the new year, new adventures, a chance to do all the things that I did not get done last year.

I am thankful for the wonderful blogs that are around that somehow always seem to inspire me. I just want to show you guys a video that I love by the artist Maxim Grunin.

There is another part to this video which can be found on Maxim's blog here - Maxim Grunin, Painting.

There is also a new blogger who I decided to show my support to. I know how important this is to all bloggers. Checkout her art, photography and poetry blog here - A Look at the Ultimate Masterpiece.

I look forward to my continued art search and look forward to your post as well which inspires and encourages me as I go along. Well, I'm out for now.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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