29 November, 2009

No place like home!

Flickr user cheesy42 - Gallop
Horse on a beach in Trinidad and Tobago

Finally I am back in my homeland! I had a real busy week running from here to there (in a foreign country) and I am sure you guys know how crazy things can get when you are in a strange land. I wish I had the luxury of time that I could utilize to do a few live art pieces but I guess things may not always go our way. I may have to visit again during my free time. The island is extremely beautiful like all other Caribbean islands. Warm sunshine all year so you do not have to fight the cold, enchanting natural scenery and so much to do. I had no trouble adjusting to the norms of the island. I knew that the Fifth Summit of the Americas had taken place in April 2009

Barack Obama & Brian Lara in Port of Spain

in Trinidad but I had no idea that the Commonwealth Summit was to be held there and that Britain's Queen Elizabeth II would be there. The summit in Trinidad and Tobago has already pulled in a pledge of US$10 billion for a fund to help developing countries cope with the impact of climate change. Did I get a chance to meet the Queen?? of course not LOL!! but I had the chance to see her air transport being flown into the PIARCO International Airport from the Air Traffic Control Tower. If you are wondering how I managed to get into the tower, then here is another one of my secrets. I am an Air Traffic Controller.

Flickr user cheesy42 - Caiman
Flickr user Paul Lowry - Statue in Trinidad

I never saw a crocodile or alligator before and I never knew that they could be found in any of the Caribbean countries. However I was told that there was an alligator "relative" dwelling in the country known as the Caiman. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to see one. Hopefully on my next visit.
I did not have an opportunity to visit an artist since the course that I attended ran on till night.
I did enjoy my time tho but as the saying goes, "There is no place like home." Glad to be back home and back on my art search. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Good to hear that you had such a wonderful time! The pictures are really cool and it all looks amazing! And you're very right 'There's no place like home'!

    Take care ^_^!

  2. From what I understand, Caimans are particularly aggressive (they have one at an alligator hatchery 2 miles from my home.) Do enjoy a view...from a bit of a distance! *L*

  3. SO true...no place like home. Trinidad is a wonderful place from what I've heard. Hoping to visit one day. Maybe I'll just meet you there :-D!