27 November, 2009

My Heart's Awaited Spring

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Hey y'all

Today was much less of a busy day for than the rest of my week has been. For a matter of fact I actually had time today to just sit and let my thoughts flow. Well, I decided to write a poem. Although I love Literature, I'm not so fond of writing. So this was very hard work. But, with the right bit of inspiration... I guess I got something done. Just thought that I would share with you.

My Heart's Awaited Spring

How I miss the warmth of sunshine
And the scent of flower's bloom
How I miss the joy of kindness
It has slipped away so soon

The fall came in so quickly
All that was birthed soon died
Every seed of kindness planted
Replaced with bitterness and pride

Winter's breeze my warmth has stolen
The snow has frozen my heart cold
My seeds of kindness, their growth stunted
The land...its productivity stalled.

I still miss the warmth of sunshine
And the scent of flower's bloom
But within my heat I've found a spring of love
That never had been cooled

With a seed of kindness planted
The birds begin to sing
I've searched and finally found it
My heart's awaited spring...



  1. i like ur poem bro :) about waiting the spring hmmmm, in my country always warm n hot exactly n i even want to felt the cold season he2

  2. I love this Poem! You are really talented. Just maybe you might meet me in Trinidad hehe! waiting for your next post! cheers!

  3. lovely poem on nature....thnx for ur comments... i appreciate dat :)

  4. Thanks guys. Thanks for the support. It really means a lot