18 November, 2009

A look into pure music and art.

Hi all! I was contacted by artist Tristan Perich and Lesley Flanigan.

Tristan Perich - Two Triangles
(machine drawing)

They are electronic musicians from new york. Tristan Perich has been touring with a harpsichord, which he plays and accompany with some minimal 1-bit electronics. Tristan Perich is greatly inspired by "the aesthetics of math and physics," and as a visual artist, uses machines to create pen-on-paper drawings that "explore the limits of traditional drawing through randomness and order." Visit his website Here.

Lesley Flanigan - Lullaby ( furniture Drama)

Lesley Flanigan is an artist, vocalist, and performer and performs with hand-built speaker feedback instruments and her voice. Visit her website Here.

They are joined by different artists along the way. Here is some information about their tour.

New York artists Tristan Perich and Lesley Flanigan team up this Fall for a series of unique electronic music performances across the United States. Perich's duet Dual Synthesis (for harpsichord and 1-bit electronics) and Flanigan's Amplifications (for voice and speaker electronics) explore the viscerality of electronic music. Mixing primitive sounds from their own hand-constructed instruments with the harpsichord and voice, each choreographs intersections between acoustic and electric sound.

A synaesthetic performance for modified 16mm projectors and audio circuitry, this piece negotiates the space between the physically real and the perceptually real; between noumena and phenomena. Photosensitive circuitry translates light waves into sound waves, sonifying flickers that are sometimes slow enough to be visible to the eye - and sometimes fast enough to be perceived only by the ear. A monolithic light/noise blast that goes literally to the limits of the senses and beyond them, provoking a confrontation with that ultimate unattainable reality: The World of Things In Themselves. In memoriam Immanuel Kant. (Warning: Unsuitable for those with photosensitive epilepsy.)

From art galleries to noise venues, Perich and Flanigan stage their physical approaches to the construction of sound. Regular staples of the New York City experimental scene, they create music that spans electroacoustic, classical and noise. In addition to their solo work, they are also known for collaborative projects with the Loud Objects (Tristan Perich, Kunal Gupta, Katie Shima) and Bioluminescence (Lesley Flanigan, R. Luke DuBois). The Loud Objects will perform several guest shows, soldering electronics live on an overhead projector or with hybrid fluorescent bulb guitars to create electronic noise. R. Luke DuBois' live video artistry will be woven throughout Flanigan's performances.

For composer/inventor Tristan Perich, Dual Synthesis comes on the heels of finishing his new album, 1-Bit Symphony. An electronic composition in five movements on a single microchip, 1-Bit Symphony expands on the format of his 2005 release, 1-Bit Music. A departure from traditional recordings, 1-Bit Symphony literally ‘performs’ its music live when turned on. A complete music circuit, programmed by the artist and packaged inside a standard CD jewel case, plays the composition through a headphone jack mounted in the case itself. Probing the foundations of digital sound, 1-Bit Symphony celebrates the virtuosity of electricity. The new album, to be released by Cantaloupe Music, will be available exclusively for presale at performances during the tour.

Artist/vocalist Lesley Flanigan's tour of Amplifications introduces her first solo album for speaker electronics and voice. Moving among a cluster of wires and microphones, she builds compositional frameworks that grow and break apart. Her speaker instruments, employing a built-in microphone, create pulsing tones through their own feedback, which Flanigan samples and weaves into her own vocal patterns. The result is music that hovers somewhere between noise experiments and lyrical song, resonating with organic transparency.

Complete Tour Dates

(all shows Tristan Perich and Lesley Flanigan, except starred shows Loud Objects instead)

OCT 30 New York (The Stone)
NOV 04 Providence (AS220) with Blevin Blectum + Ashtray Navigations
NOV 05 Wellesley (Wellesley College)
NOV 06 Philadelphia (Crane Arts)
NOV 07 Pittsburgh (brillobox) * Art and Code festival
NOV 09 Muncie (Ball State IDIA) *
NOV 12 Chicago (Heaven Gallery) with Joseph Grimm
NOV 13 Milwaukee (Sugar Maple) * with Argyle Wishlist + Pataphor
NOV 18 Portland (tba) *
NOV 19 San Francisco (Grey Area Foundation for the Arts)
NOV 22 Los Angeles (The Wulf) with Lucky Dragons
NOV 25 Santa Fe (High Mayhem) with Evolve
NOV 30 Kansas City (tba)
DEC 01 St. Louis (Lemp Arts)
DEC 06 Atlanta (Eyedrum)
DEC 11 Charlottesville (The Bridge) with Chris Peck
DEC 12 Baltimore, MD (Red Room)
DEC 18 Brooklyn, NY (Galapagos) New Amsterdam Records event with NOW Ensemble

More Details:

Be sure to attend their shows. Real interesting artists. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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