04 November, 2009

Independence celebration in my homeland

Artist - Earl Etienne

Hi all! Been a real busy week so far. Issues at work, issues here and there lol! But they never keep me down. Funny how certain people are just always there for you whenever you are in need :-) Well back in my homeland, It is the season where we celebrate Independence. During this time, the island's culture is displayed in many forms such as dance, food, clothing and many other forms. I always like this time of year where the entire country embraces its rich culture. I am proud of my homeland. The art pieces gives a sneak peek of my homeland culture. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Lovely works. I really like the light, color & kinetic energy.

  2. I love them too. He is one of the top artists back home. He is really amazing. hoping to add some more of his work