05 November, 2009

Abstract Expression

Mystery Artist - Evening Palms©

Hi all! As much as I keep saying that I will give it some time before I add another one of my art pieces to a post, is the more I receive messages requesting that I add another soon lol! Well I guess I just have to go along with it. I took some time last week to work on two art pieces. One I have not completed and the other I have. Some days I leave work at sunset and there are days when I decide to just sit and admire the color changes of the sky as the sun sings the "See you Tomorrow" song. That was when I decided to do the art piece "Evening Palms." I am hoping to complete it soon.

Mystery Artist - Still Dance©

As for the abstract piece "Still Dance," I basically had some extra blobs of paint on my palette and and already prepared surface. At the time I was really in a mood of excitement. Really had that urge to just get up and dance in the midst of every emotion and so, I decided to 'abstract' my way unto this creation. I wonder if I am that much of a good dancer. I mean it has been a while and I may need a bit of "oiling" to get rid of the accumulated rust LOL! Hope you like the art pieces. You can have a larger view of this piece along with a few of my other art pieces in My Gallery. Anyway, I am off to do some more art searching. Later!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. I love both pieces but especially the "Dancer". You have such an eye for the colors!!! Awesome as always.

  2. Thanks guys! I like it also! I tried dancing after I completed it lol! I wonder how I looked