11 November, 2009

Encouraging Friends and Art blogs

Fiona the unknown artist - Waiting

Hi all!! today I spent some time Doing a bit of blog hopping! I realized that I really have a lot of featuring to do along with my other daily responsibilities. I have been chosen to design a website and honestly, it is taking up the majority of my free time. However, I am thankful to all my wonderful especially these artist, art blogs and blogs through whom and which I always receive encouragement and keeps me excited along the way...

Eso and Amyly - A Creative Journey and Esoman Graphics
Jeffrey - The Roving Medievalist
Regina - Southern OOAKS
Patrice - The September Studio

Lana - Eye Candy
TJ - A look in a Creative Mind

and the many others. Thanks guys. Really helps in keeping me dedicated to this art search.
I also met up with this great artist who is also an art blogger. "Fiona the unknown artist." Immediately her art brought a feeling excitement mainly because of the colors. Amazing!!!
I particularly love the teapots. Check out her blog! Diary of an unknown artist. Anyway guys, I am off on my art search! Cheers!!



  1. Really really cool you did this ^_^!! You too stay creative okay! You got some serious skills! Ciao!

  2. Everybody seems to be fighting for time these days. I wish you the best. Hopefully, you'll be done with the website soon and have more free time. It's so nice to know that I can be an encouragement to you, especially as you've inspired and encouraged me so much.

    Looking forward to your next post.


  3. Heart warming post and yes we do appreciate your dedication and diligence. Thanks for the tip on another creative soul, I think we will pop on over and visit.
    Remember "Busy hands are happy hands"


  4. i like the combination of colour at ur paint, really nice bro :)

  5. Aw shucks...no thanks necessary! Thank YOU for maintaining such a cool blog. :) Keep up the good work (which I know is both hard & time-consuming.)