13 July, 2010

My latest artpiece

Quiet Beach by: Mystery Artist

Hi all! I am sure that you guys were wondering what has been going on with the artistic side of my life. the truth is, I have been so busy for the past few months with website developing and . However, last week, i took some time to put an art piece together for my friend who is no longer in the country. This friend will be getting married soon and I thought that I should send a wedding gift that would bring back memories. I had fun putting this work together. i at times had to put in some extra time at nights to get it done since I used up some of the daytime doing other recreational stuff such as fishing. My next art piece will be one that will take up a lot more of my time. I was hired to do a portrait of a centurion on a living room wall. i will let you guys know when i will be starting. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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