04 March, 2010

In Memory of Myrtle Giraudel Eugene

It was like she had been destined to suffer. For her whole life, since she could remember there was some bit of suffering, until, toward the end of her short-lived life she was bedridden. One would think that all this suffering would have been reflected in her mannerisms, her expressions, her attitude. But that was far from the case; She never suffered with melancholy and if she did, she would never let it show. For that matter, her will to live caught on and gave many others who had listened to her that same sense of contentment in life through whatever situation they might have been in. She was always so joyful and grateful. She had never acted selfishly or with a sense of ingratitude. She never gave up. She fought on until the moment of her long predicted death.

People say that she was happy. Happiness they say... but that could be differed; for happiness and sorrow by no means can exist together. Her joy came from something much deeper and greater than a mere feeling of happiness. She was indeed in touch with the One being who is Greater than all else and He had blessed her. Blessed her with a spirit of contentment of gratefulness of joy and peace.

She was in great need physically but she had drunk from His well... and never was she thirsty again ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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